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The KISSING AWAKE the Sanctuary Report (by Mata Hari)

Posted by on October 31, 2013

The Kissing AWAKE of our new Faerie Home in Austria started already one day before the event when Red Rose and I picked up Mother Goose and Bindu happily from the stations in Vienna and when I suddenly ran into Lone Wolf not far from my home at night, although I did not know that Lone Wolf was already in town. This is MAGIC! The faeries MEET wherever they are – at the right moment, the right place, the right persons!

On 15th August about six faeries landed safely at the new sanctuary by train from Vienna – being picked up by a new faerie Udo, who came with Fauny arriving the day before from Amsterdam. In the afternoon I had a long, serious and intensive talk with Fauny about his views and the views of “Folleterre” about the new sanctuary / faerie homes in Austria and about Folleterre in general. Are we all still very close to the roots of the faerie-movement in Europe? Should we open up to new ideas? Is the whole thing getting too commercial? Many questions in our heads! Fauny was the faerie who also led the inauguration in Folleterre 8 years ago, so he knew definitely how it goes! We talked about the program of the ceremony and we had a delicious meal cooked by a lot of faeries. But before the ritual started around the fire, there came a big surprise. The two new faeries from Austria Tom and Michael arrived and some faeries in beautiful masks. It turned out that one of them was Bambi from Berlin and two American Faeries from California who already knew Harry Hay personally and one of them told us that Hay was the reason to encourage him to his Coming Out as a Gay person. And as mysteriously as they appeared, so quickly they disappeared at the end of the day – but before we started the unique Kissing AWAKE Ritual with a little heart circle around the fire. I had the idea to name it “Kissing Awake”, when I woke up one morning and was considering what can we do with a sleeping beauty? Maybe Inauguration sounds too sacred, but kissing sounds human and sexy at the same time. Kissing is good for human souls, for trees and animals. And kissing was always a taboo for me when I was young. So I also wanted to break a taboo in me and among the faeries. It is not necessary everything always only ever be named “holy” in a sanctuary. It should also be a blessed, beloved and loving place. And you can show best love externally if you kiss somebody! Don’t you? I really would strongly hope that everybody involved deeply incorporates this spirit! It is a real chance to get a new life!

When it was dark the procession started and we walked one after another to the 4 corners of the sanctuary with burning candles in our hands. A candlelight procession to get to know all the secrets of the land. But before we asked for protection for the land and that it would allow us to be safe and gentle and spiritual to it and we promised to be good to the land and take care for it! Then in every corner we asked for the spirits of the 4 hemispheres. In the second corner we asked for the spirits of the animals for blessing which was my task to do so, because I specially love the animals in this sanctuary! In the third corner we were finding our way at the land through the darkness by waiting at our own imaginary altar and then going back creating a spiral with our candles as a symbol for creation – the founding of a new sanctuary.

At the forth corner finally we did the real kissing awake ritual where we gathered around a beautifully red and orange decorated bench in the wood and we all started to kiss another faeries one after another at the bench. The kissing ceremony was just amazing and very touching for us all. We all were very grateful to have this wonderful moment in our lives. Yes and from now on also the Sanctuary was kisses and sacred ….

And then the performances started on our stone stage. Red Rose and I performed the modern but wild interpretation of Stravinsky’s “Le Sacre de Printemps” which I thought was perfectly representing the idea of this special event. This 20 minutes fight between the tribes of the world which was led with soil, plants and honey, the sacrifice of the virgin ended up with the crowning of the fire in nakedness. Till midnight our two Faeries from California gave us a wonderful time playing beautiful songs at the guitar and we all hoped that this romantic and warm summer night would never end.

In the morning we had a great Shaking workshop with Black Panther. We started building a shrine for the sanctuary and we had our first real “kissed awake” heart circle in beautiful sun under shady woods. On the occasion of the Kissing ceremony the circle started by presenting a nice little gift from Folleterre to the Austrian Faeries. The gift touched us a lot and with tears in our eyes we all spoke from the heart.

I must admit that I did not want to leave this Sanctuary at this moment. Everything was so calm and gentle. I could not imagine that tomorrow there should start the first full 10 days Gathering in Austria in the Alps near Salzburg – which mainly was organized by me. But I had to face the reality – the faerie reality! And we started the faerie track west to the gathering – not knowing what was expecting me – but with my only real intention – to have an open heart for all and to feel and bring and spread GOOD ENERGY! – To LET IT FLOW in Austria!

…And as all the reactions worldwide show us – yes! – Everybody appreciated that!

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