“Sanctuary-Task-Force”: Eastern (and Central European) Sanctuary : … WIR SUCHEN EINEN ALTEN BAUERNHOF AM LAND ! …

Dear Faeries and Friends!


WANTED!   –  WIR SUCHEN EINEN ALTEN BAUERNHOF (MIT NATURGARTEN) AM LAND IN UND UM ÖSTERREICH!  Wer eine abgelegene Liegenschaft, einen NATURGARTEN mit Bauernhof, am besten an der Grenze zu den östlichen Nachbarstaaten kennt, die GÜNSTIG zu erwerben oder zu pachten ist, bitte weiterleiten an unsere E-Mail Adresse: faerietreffen@hotmail.com


 The Seeking for Land for an EASTERN (and CENTRAL European) SANCTUARY is already going on since 1 year after the Faeries in Austria and Eastern and Central Europe have lost their faerieland after the death of El/Leo. We created already an association in Austria like Folleterre with the same Statutes as Les Amis de Folleterre. This association already exists after Austrian Law since june 2017. We already announced this at the last Global Gathering in Fatherstone 2017. So If you are really interested in concrete actions for a new sanctuary or if you want to support us please come to the “SOUND of FAERIES Gathering” 7-14 July 2018, where all the protagonists and activists of this new EASTERN (and CENTRAL European) sanctuary project will be present. It will be one of the main topics of this gathering in Austria.

We will also gladly forward you an email from Bobbie Joe – to an ongoing more than one year further Sanctuary project, which we now want to make fully public and we hope to get your passionate support. xxx

„Dear Faeries,
Our community is growing and growing and Folleterre as the only faerie-base in whole Europe isn’t enough anymore!
Because of this urgend need of a second (or third) sanctuary Mata-Hari, Red-Rose, Rurtaler and my-self (Bobby-Joe)

founded an association in Vienna last year (January 2017)

The final goal of this association is the acquisition and managing of a suitable *) property for using it as a sanctuary like Folleterre

1. This second Base should be an
ADDITION and NO COMPETITOR for Folleterre !!
3. other kinds of supporting are welcome too (donations, several kinds of services , stuff, etc

*) because of finding a suitable house, we just made much thoughts the last years on gatherings, sever-al workshops and private meetings :
we decided the austrian federal-states Niederösterreich, Burgenland, Vienna or the border-areas around it (to Czech-Republic, Hungary or Germany )
as possible land for a sanctuary, because:
1. of the favorable climate, in the heart of Europe
2. the excellent connection via air-craft, car and public transport
3. payable property prices. We want to BUY it, and NOT to rent!

When faeries absolutely want to found a sanctuary on La-Palma, Rügen, etc, they must do it on their own initiative then, because that would blast our actual capacities .
All other necessary points for the suitability (especially the features of the building) had been docu-mented in german, but translating in English is coming soon and other languages might be no problem!
Interested faeries will get it as word-document or via e-mail.

If you’re interested, please register in our mail – distributor: rurtaler@gmx.de

and you’ll get all further informations, respectively you can share your own ideas with us (improvements, criticism, real-estate-offers, meeting, hosting etc )
Furthermore, we are personally available for questions of all kinds at gatherings – such as the 3rd Alpine “Sound of Faeries” Gathering – and discuss the project further.

anyone is ALREADY there, who knows an old, left ranch in the mentioned area
or owner of a similar object who wants to sell it ? J))

So, feel free and you can start participating on our project – JUST NOW !

Heinsberg, Germany 26.03.2018