Sanctuary FOLLETERRE durch Steinbruch bedroht. Ihr könnt helfen! Folleterre Quarry threat. You can help‏

The land next to Folleterre is threatened by a multinational company who will open a large Quarry / Gravel mine.
Some villagers of Ternuay are attempting to fight this and have organized opposition ; some faeries are joining them in support.
There is a protest in Ternuay on Nov. 28 ; please attend if you can.
If you cannot come, please consider participating by showing your support this way :
1. Take a picture of yourself holding a message banner with a slogan in french such as : 
Je suis … (nom) de … (ville ou pays). 
J’aime la Vallée de l’Ognon et je veux la préserver. 
I am … (name) from … (city or country)
I like the Valley of the Ognon and I want to protect it.
Make it your own way, using another headline (in french), holding a banner or adding the text in the picture. Strike the pose in the nature, in front of a famous monument representing your city or whatever you find appropriate. Don’t forget to mention your name and place of living 🙂
In case you cannot make a banner, print the documents attached here and here and fill the frame with your name and city.
2. Send the photo as a PDF or JPEG to Eilendes Wasser at the following email address :
The photos collection will be present during the demonstration on Nov. 28th with the faeries attending. Please join our action with your picture !
Much much love
The Folleterre Faeries against the quarry
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Lesungen RISE LIKE A FAERIE + Filmscreening am 28.11. im Kotter

Rise like a Faerie


Nächste Lesung + Diskussion

  Freedom Love Respect
A Radical Faerie Trail
Manifest für ein Umdenken”


Filmscreening “Symbiofaerietaxiplasm oder Die Feen von Hadres”


am Samstag 28. November, 19.30 Uhr

Im Kotter. Das alte Gefängnis von Groß-Enzersdorf


Kultur im Kotter

Kaiser-Franz-Josef Str. 2,
2301 Groß-Enzersdorf


Wir lassen uns unsere Freiheit nicht wegnehmen!

Am Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015, ab 19.30 Uhr wurde

in der ARENA VARIETE BAR THEATER CAFE, Margaretenstr. 117, 105o Wien

die erste LESUNG + Buchpräsentation abgehalten

samt anschließender moderierter DISKUSSION mit dem Autor
Das Buch ist das erste Werk außerhalb den USA, das jemals über Radical Faeries geschrieben worden ist und natürlich auch in deutschen Sprachraum.

Ab 21.30 Uhr Film Screening wurde zur ebenfalls “ersten Symbioeuropäischen” Faerie Dokuvaganza „Symbiofaerietaxiplasm oder die Feen von Hadres“. (zweite öffentliche Aufführung in Wien überhaupt) und


zu einer kleinen (Re)Birthday Party mit dem Autor inclusive überdimensionalem reichhaltigem Red Rose- Buffet geladen. Natürlich alles bei freiem Eintritt!

Hier konntet ihr auch Exemplare dieses durchaus gesellschaftskritischen Buches erwerben.

Erste Reaktion vom ebenfalls anwesenden Hermes unter

P R E D I G T D I E N ST (Nr. 1166)
im Falter 44/15
– erschienen am Dienstag, 27.10.2015


Latest News: Das Buch ist eingeladen zur Teilnahme am Wettbewerb: Die schönsten Bücher Österreichs 2015


ZUM BUCH: Seit 8 Jahren bereist der Autor die ganze Welt, um bei Gatherings der Radical Faeries teilzunehmen. Er hat nun den ersten Faerie-Roman in Europa über seine persönlichen Erfahrungen, Visionen und Bekenntnisse geschrieben. Sein Vorbild ist Mark Thompson’s The Fire in Moonlight. Er gibt damit tiefe Einblicke in ein faszinierendes Universum, das normalerweise nicht für die Außenwelt sichtbar ist. Er setzt sich in dem Buch aber auch kritisch mit der Medienlandschaft, mit Religionen und Ideologien, dem Umgang mit den Menschen am Rande der Gesellschaft, der Szene und den Umgang der Menschen mit ihrer Umwelt und ihrem geistigen Erbe auseinander. Es ist ein Plädoyer für mehr Freiheit. Liebe und Respekt. Neben diesen sehr persönlichen Texten, die etwa zwei Drittel des Buches ausmachen, bietet das Buch auch englische Beiträge von Faeries wie eilendes Wasser, Treasure, Theoklymenos, Mountain und Mother Goose sowie einem ungarischen Beitrag von Tamas Tzukindra die Weide. Es dokumentiert im letzten Drittel die Vielfalt und das Engagement der Faerie-Bewegung in Östereich, in Zentral- und Osteuropa.


The book was written and printed without any financial support. Its written mainly in German Language with english/german/hungarian contributions from some other Faeries in Europe like eilendes Wasser, Theoklymenos, Tamas Tzukindra die Weide, Treasure, Mountain and Mother Goose.

You can have the first 4 copies in the “EisenHERZ” bookstore in Berlin Motzstraße and the first 8 copies exclusive for Vienna in “LöwenHERZ” bookstore in Vienna.


Some voices from the first readers:

“very impressive and touching, haunting, intoxicating! BERAUSCHEND! ” Angie


“I’ve been reading Mata Hari’s amazing book “Rise like a faerie” and am deeply touched by the very intense sharing of his life experiences in and outside faerie space deep from his heart and soul which I was able to feel very well between each single line. Thanks a lot for spreading your faerie energy into the world! A HIGHLY recommended book!” Theoklymenos

“Manchmal finde ich das Buch so spannend, dass ich es gar nicht aus der Hand legen möchte.” Hermann

„Am besten fand ich wie du die Beziehung Mensch zur Natur beschrieben hast.“

“Die Umsetzung einer Idee in die Tat fand ich total überzeugend und nachvollziehbar.”

“Vieles verstehe ich nicht wegen der vielen Ausdrücke, weil ich bin nicht in diesen Kreisen, ich bin in anständigen Kreisen.”

“Zweifellos sehr gut. Aber ein Affront.” Regina

Get it now from this Website via email:


More Lectures in Vienna will follow.




Die RADICAL FAERIES waren auch bei der Buchmesse Wien vertreten. Da konntet ihr auch das Buch “RISE LIKE A FAERIE” durchstöbern oder es bei der Messebuchhandlung erwerben.

Die Radical Faeries waren aber von den Veranstaltern leider so ins hinterste Eck gerückt, dass wir kaum auffielen.


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This was the 2nd “Sound of Faeries Gathering” Hochkönig 2015!

Here is some feedback after the gathering 2015:

3rd Gathering Flyer

“This was a sensational gathering from 1st to last day, the brilliant Faerie spirit, did NOT allow inclement weather in the middle to dampen our spirits, not for a moment! From small numbers at the beginning we grew to 45/50 faeries at times, Faeries came & went. New arrivals brought their beauty & charisma. I’m thinking particularly of Star Dust, Wairua & S. So many beautiful & loving, sharing folk. The No Talent Show revealed again the amazing hidden talents of many of us. Fabulously compared by Angel voiced Pixie & the lip-sinking wonder Theokymenos. Food was exceptional, each meal outshining the previous one. Tom (Cassandra) particularly outshone himself, our one Kitchen Dad. Heart Circles began to heal any rifts in our Gathering & I hope lay foundations for more shared responsibility in future events I was glad to have a mundane day in Salzburg to ease me back into being in London again. Can you believe the most popular gay venue was closed till September, are they MAD!! Buckets of Love to all attendees, my experiences with you will feed me thru the chill winter. I think very valuable stuff happened there which I hope will strengthen the Austrian Radical Faerie Movement. I LOVE YOU ALL!” Mother Goose. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!Hmmmmm!


“I just want to simply say thank you for all your efforts to bring the Austrian gathering to fruition. It was really great. My best gatherings have been in Austria, partly due to the fact that I’m growing in faerie energy, and also because the environment is so totally amazing. I never would have been exposed to the Austrian Alps had you not organized these gatherings. I know it’s a lot of hard, and at times, seemingly “thankless” work, but I know that we thoroughly enjoyed and valued our time there. So a huge “MERCI” from” Jim from Rural France, Not Paris! XOX


“Thanks again for this amazing gathering !!!! I had a wonderful time there. And now I feel like a faerie 🙂 Lots of love” Eric/Ursulo


“I enjoyed our wonderful “2nd Sound of faeries gathering” in Austria with you lovely faeries soooooo much! Once again it’s my pleasure and honor to say “Thank you yery much!” to Mata Hari and Red Rose and the other organizers! You are so fabulous and we sooooo liked to carry you around the fire during the closing ceremony! And I am thankful that all you lovely faeries shared your love and light and your inner treasure and creativity deep from your heart. All together we created this warm and wonderful atmosphere which we had during the gathering!

I’ve been reading Mata Hari’s amazing book “Rise like a faerie” and am deeply touched by the very intense sharing of his life experiences in and outside faerie space deep from his heart and soul which I was able to feel very well between each single line. Thanks a lot for spreading your faerie energy into the world! A highly recommended book!” Theoklymenos

“Thank you so much!!! You made my heart glow again. Kuss” Lala Lametta



We had 43 officially registered Faeries from USA, New Zealand, UK, Czech Republik, Italy, France, Germany, Israel, Holland, Austria and Atlantis! THANK YOU !!!!

More reports you can find at


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WORLD PREMIERE! 16.6. Faerie Docuvaganza “Die Feen von Hadres (oder SYMBIOFAERIETAXIPLASM)”



fand am Dienstag, 16. Juni 2015, 21.00 Uhr im

Filmhauskino Spittelberg statt

in Anwesenheit von Radical Faeries aus der ganzen Welt, wie Mother Goose, Jim of Rural France not Paris, Amit Hayo, Black Panther, El, Red Rose und Mata Hari.

Weiteren öffentliche Aufführungen sind geplant im Marea Alta, Arena Bar Wien 5 und in einer Salzburger Galerie.

THE PREMIERE GUESTS WERE FANTASTIC! We are so delighted to welcome our real close friends Mother Goose from London, Jim from Rural France not Paris and AMIT HAYO from Israel, whose wonderful music Mata Hari was performing!




“war mir ein königliches Vergnügen bei der Filmpremiere dabei sein zu dürfen.” Paul Poet

“Einer der besten Filmdokumente des Jahres! Mit vielen genialen Szenen! Viel Dramatik, vor allem am Anfang. Viel Genuss, vor allem am Schluss! Zwei Oscars gibts für den “optischen Eindruck” und die “künstlerische Leitung”. Vielleicht noch ein letzter Feinschliff, und der Film könnte ein Klassiker werden. Dem Premierenpublikum hat es jedenfalls sehr gefallen! Great FUN und auch mit Haltung und Tiefgang! Wir hatten unser eigenes Identities!

One of the best documentary films of the year! With many brilliant scenes! High drama, especially in the beginning. So much pleasure, especially at the end! Two Oscars there for the “optical impression” and the “artistic director”. Perhaps one last finishing touch, and the film could be a classic. The premiere audience liked it in any case very much! Great fun and also with attitude! We had our own identities!” MH

Symbio dt

Die Feen von Hadres (oder Symbiofaerietaxiplasm) ist ein experimenteller Dokumentarfilm über die Radical Faerie Bewegung in Österreich. Ursprünglich eine queere Subkultur aus dem San Francisco der 1970 er Jahre sind die Faeries in Österreich eine neue Gemeinschaft. Das Filmteam hat von 2012 bis 2014 mit ihnen zusammen gearbeitet und dabei ist ein 110 minütiger Film entstanden

Worum geht es in diesem Projekt?

Der Film beschäftigt sich mit queeren Ausdrucksformen im Kino und versteht sich nicht als klassische Dokumentation. Obwohl im Rahmen der Dreharbeiten viele Interviews und Bühnenaufzeichnungen entstanden sind, die auch schon Grundlage von Installationen und Ausstellungen waren, geht der Film anders vor. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit den Faeries hat das Team 7 Kapiteln erarbeitet, die in filmischer Form den Ausdrucksweisen der einzelnen Faeries entsprechen. Der Film stellt sich daher auch weniger als Erzählung dar sondern verzichtet wie die Faeries selbst auf die Gewissheiten, die sich aus etablierten Formensprachen ergeben. Er versteht sich selbst als offene Form, die zur aktiven Teilnahme der Zusehenden auffordert. So wie es in Faerie Gemeinschaften nur Räume der Interaktion und die damit verbundene Notwendigkeit permanenter Aufmerksamkeit und wenige feste Strukturen gibt, handelt es sich auch bei dem Film um das Ergebnis einer kollektiven Interaktion.

Wer die Zielgruppe?

Das Projekt richtet sich an alle die sich für experimentelle Kinoformen, gegenkulturelle Bewegungen oder queere Gemeinschaften interessieren. Und natürlich an alle Faeries und ihre Freund*innen weltweit.

Der Film soll auf queeren Filmfestivals weltweit gezeigt werden. Es müssen noch Musiklizenzen, das ausstehende Audio-Mastering und damit der letzte Schliff in der Postproduktion finanziert werden. Dieser österreichische Film wurde leider nicht vom österreichischen Queerfilm Festival “Identities” ins Programm genommen, daher muss diese Premiere selbst finanziert werden.

Wer steht hinter dem Projekt?

Georg Vogt ist Kultur- und Medienwissenschafter und als Lektor an der Universität Wien tätig. Außerdem ist er als Autor, Herausgeber, Kurator und Filmemacher.

Bastian Petz ist selber Faerie, betreibt kunstbasierte Forschung in Wien und beschäftigt sich seit einigen Jahren mit der internationalen Radical Faerie Bewegung.

Christian Karst ist Kameramann, Cutter und bildender Künstler. Er ist in der Kunst- und Designvermittlung tätig und lehrt in Wien.

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This was FaeriePRIDE Week 2015:

FaeriePride Week 16.-20.6.2015:

– 16.6. “Die Feen von Hadres” Film WeltPremiere 21h und Afterfilmparty Marea Alta: 23.00h

– 17.6. Parade Startnummernverlosung mit den Faeries: 19.30h

– 18.6. NEU! Faerie DRUMMING CIRCLE am Toten Grund: 17.00h

– 19.6. „Hedwig and the Angry Inch“ abgesagt, dafür zur Paradenvorbesprechung in “eine andere Welt ist möglich” in die Arena Variete Bar im 5. Bezirk, Margaretenstraße 117 : 20h

– 20.6. Teilnahme an Regenbogenparade, Treffpunkt 13h im Pridevillage


Donnerstag 25.6.:

ab 17.00 Uhr: TUNTATHLON Videoaufzeichnung!

PS: Die “Radicalen Feen vom ehrenwerten Haus” haben den Sonderpreis der Jury 2015 für vorbildliches Engagement in der synchronbüglerischen Tuntathletik und deren filmischen Umsetzung errungen.

+ ab 19.00 Uhr PreCIRCLE für das “Sound of Faeries” Gathering
in Mata Haris flat!


Our ESC Gatherette to celebrate the Final of the 60th Song Contest in Vienna on May 23, 2015

was real FUN, we were celebrating it in GUGG!

(The Tuntathlon was cancelled by the organizers Queen Mum because of the rainy weather)

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This was the Call for the “SOUND OF FAERIES“ Gathering Austria 2015

Gathering 2015




Yooohooo! Sweet faeries! “The Hills are AGAIN Alive, With



@ Hochkönig Austria

15-25 August 2015

After a FANTASTIC rollercoaster of

fun, dance, love, talks, magic and nature in 2013,


we are thrilled to announce

Austria’s 2nd international FAERIE GATHERING

in the AUSTRIAN ALPS near Salzburg August 15-25, 2015.




So many faeries from 14 countries wanted to come back as soon as possible to this most unexpected but breathtaking Hochkönig mountain location, 1300 meters up in the heart of the Salzburg Alps.


So again we welcome and are calling all faerie folk, all ye queer and gentle creatures, centaurs, bambi’s, eagles, deer, mountain trolls, phoenixes and friends of all genders from across Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Arctic, Antarctic, Moon and around the whole Universe

to Rise like a Faerie

and Celebrate our/your Rebirth with us

and Building Bridges to all the Faeries in the World

Mata Hari Faun

for 10 days of summer love, light and laughter on this magical mountain – that could change your life and fulfill your dreams!

Join us to create faerie magic in a comfortable, clean and private Alpine hostel near an enchanted forest in the mountains of Austria. There are meadows to play in as well as forests, creeks, waterfalls and mountains so come and explore this magical nature. If you want more privacy and would like to camp, the nights are chilly (13 to 23 degrees) but there is enough space to pitch a few tents.

This is awaiting you…. Expect:


N A T U R E !

explore and enjoy the healing spirit of Mother Earth at highest faerie gathering in the exceptional Alps mountain range, come and experience the unforgettable alpenglow in front your eyes! If you want we can again organize an optional tour to the nearby Eisriesenwelt – the largest ICE CAVE on our planet Earth! And some hiking tours around this place of outstanding natural beauty.

C E L E B R A T I O N S !

   We will also celebrate

20 years of the Eurofaeries by honouring each participating Faerie and country in a special way,


3 years of Radical Faerie Movement in Austria by presenting

the real (premier) version of SYMBIOFAERIETAXIPLASM, a Filmdokuvaganza about the beginning of the Faerie Movement in Austria, filmed partly also at the 1st Gathering 2013, 

the 1st Faerie Book/Anthology written by Mata Hari Rise Like A Faerie

and by creating visions for the faerie tribes in Europe and sanctuaries2b in Austria.


E S C  + MUSIC !

We are also celebrating the Comeback of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest to Austria by singing and creating Songs from all countries of participating faeries! … So come and make faerie music every night around the sacred fire or take part at a Faerie-sing-along-Show on our ESC –

Euro(Faerie) -Vision-Song- Celebration Party


The Hills are Alive! We are also celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Sound of Music Musical + Film,

for those who did not get enough!



S P I R I T !

 We will have heart circles, ritual, in- and outdoor love temple, sweat lodge and meditations to connect to our collective faerie spirit and faerie nature.

and of course we will have our traditional KwNotalent show, the Auction, delicious meals

and the usual delightful faerie chaos playfulness for us all to submerge ourselves into!

Let’s come together in the spirit of openness to new experiences, healing, and the joy and creativity that is our faerie nature.

Opening ceremony is Saturday 15th , Closing Ceremony Monday 24th.


Getting here:


The nearest international airports are Munich or Salzburg where you can get an inexpensive train ticket to the nearest train station to the gathering, Bischofshofen. Then there are local busses or we can organize Faerie Taxis to our Youthhostel Mitterberghaus / Mühlbach at Hochkönig.

Before or after the Gathering you can also visit Vienna or the Sanctuary2b Weinviertel



Pretty sure that you are coming? Please register


For ONLINE Registration and the payment instructions visit:


You will find  a link also via

If you like to read reports from the 1st Gathering 2013 in Austria:


If you have any questions send your email to:


You will receive a confirmation email, when we get your Registration Form or email. See you at the Gathering!



With love, hugs and faerie kisses…

Follow every rainbow… till you find your dream!

Blessed be!

Mata Hari, Red Rose, Black Panther, Ember, Robbi and Herbert

(for the gathering team)

Please send this call also your Faerie friends!



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Other PAST EVENTS or still going on!


Still going on! Be RESPECTFUL


Arena Bar, 5. Wien, Margaretenstr.117

“Radical Faeries – Another world is possible!”

20.00 -02.00 h




This was


for all rising PHOENIXES and FAERIES 

from all over the world!



THANK YOU ALL who came to this wonderful EQUÍNOX evening in Vienna which soon will be history. The ball was a huge Triumph, also the fundraising was a great success. Roxy Tart sang wonderfully and as a result the very LAST Roxy Tart CDs in the whole world reached very high prices in the auction! Mata Hari showed his ass to the whole of vienna in the name of show business. The venue was packed out with faeries from all over the world. It is maybe the last Equinox in the Arena Bar for a while, because next summer we have another Alpine Gathering at Hochkönig. More details to come soon!

… and this wrote our FAGGOT GOD “Hermes Phettberg” about our EQUINOX in his public diary and in FALTER!

“… something is driving me, to join all. But as I then also wanted to feel muscles and the hearts of the the Radical Faeries at the “Equinox” in the Arena Bar (Vienna 5, Margareten Street 117), with incredibly muscular guys from Cologne, with muscles like only °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° something,

with the soulful transvestite “Roxy”, with loving El, a very dear …harp player Jungling and with the extremely charming Mata Hari and Red Rose. What should I do? I’m so horny for horny and naked bodies hugging and touching me!”



The RADICAL FAERIE Partyball + Show 2014!
Faeries and friends all over the world are invited to join us in this unique event 2014!
Come along with friends in the spirit of community and generosity
please come join in a celebration of what has been achieved in this year and through ritual adjust to the coming autumn and year!
With SURPRISE performances from faeries all over europe!
and songs from all austrian songcontest winners!
with Fundraising for our sanctuary2b
and the 2nd international Austrian Faerie Gathering 15-25 August 2015!
We will offer 2 energetic singing bowl sessions, free couch+bed surving in faerie flats somehere in europe, our poster, a delicious dinner with Viennes Faeries, CDs from our performers, and…..
+ WORLD PREMIER! MAYBE we will see some parts of the new faerie movie, which could not be used for the latest version and you will never see again!
FREE entrance and delicious free buffet!
(drinks have to be paid to the Bar)
Don’t miss it!
Enjoy Viennese charm!
Party starts at 20.00 – 3.00 h
Show starts at 21.00 (IN TIME!)
+ has to finish around 00.30 h !!!
DJ Alice !!!
Hosted by Mata Hari
Margaretenstraße 117, 1050 Wien

13.-21. September 2014:

AUTUMN COMMUNITY WEEK at the Sanctuary2b Weinviertel



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“HATRED KILLS FAIRIS” – Report on the participation of Radical Faeries at the Rainbow Parade Vienna 2014!

The parade was just incredible splendidly for us and left a quiet luster to our golden faces. Never ever have so many people taken photos from us. The joy beamed from every face who discovered us and applauded. “We radiated grace and glorious movement of our bodies like no other group in the parade,” told us a young woman who followed us for some time. The joy of our presence was felt everywhere! The Faeries represent the diversity of our community: The Rurtaler were alternately carrying the parade shield. They are magnificent images of men with long hair and beautiful hairy bodies, a real eye catcher and figurehead for our group. They smiled and radiated out in front and were reliable vanguard against the hard core of the Austrian Faeries: the triumvirate of Black Panther; today as a perfect drag queen who called herself on parade “Bad Davis” so mean and striking was der eyeliner, but her smile was just amazing and turned us on all the way up the Ring Street in the opposite direction. Then, Red Rose, once again “Reddily” our “cock of the walk” as aptly the newspaper “Österreich” subtitled, in a dress that envied all viewers, so totally authentic was the rose, as if she was already born in this dress. Her cordial attitude was catching to all around. People scrambled to get a picture of us. And as a third musketeer: Mata Hari, this time “Golden I” – in the same outfit as on the Life Ball. The golden rays shooting out of her head assembly, met in all eyes round. Applause everywhere. Finally, Golden I was only able to a serene goodness, to incarnate the eternal glory of the sun that gives us her eternal life energy. Bravely she stalked elegantly in the highest heels off the ring, no matter how her toes would look like. We did it for the enthusiastic people to whom tolerance and respect for others is a concern. Where it is more important to spread positive energy instead of negative and still be themselves! We got the number right before the Noes, which gave us extra attention, as many believed, this huge pink rainbow of balloons behind us was one of us. But still we heard that the parade spectators very well could identify us as the Radical Faeries and they also applauded us sporadically for that. We have not arrived in the mainstream, but in the hearts of men, we have a clearly noticed and many have recognized us from the exhibition “Radical Faeries at the Viennese City Hall!” Many Faeries were not marching right behind our sign, but scattered in the parade, because we are everywhere. Some did not go along, because they do not bear the crowds and the noise. Also, that’s OK. We were pleased that Doro and El have painted their body and have always looked by and visited us. We appreciated many Faerie friends who suddenly appeared and were greeting us. We also gave interviews to ORF and W24 that we also saw the same evening on television.
And there was one thing that has surprised all of us: The Radical Faeries won the 2nd place in the evaluation of the contributions as marching troupe by a jury with regard to the idea, execution and message! behind HAPPY. This has really pleased! Because that showed us that the message has arrived! Great appreciation! WELL DONE!
parade5-300x192In contrast to Vienna Pride the Rainbow Parade is still not a purely commercial event where still contents, spirit, tolerance and messages are really transported and a breach of rules is not taken too seriously. This had to suffer our beloved Hermes, who as a living altar wanted to sit on a wheelchair somewhere in a small tent, and he was miserably disposed of by the organizers of the Vienna Pride because he dared for 5 minutes his body to free himself completely, together with a piece of 61 years old naked skin, which has served once as a genital – before this body would have been decorated. In contrast, this event was promoted towards the Ring Street with huge posters of a new political party, where the only key element was a male ass presented with the note: “Free yourself”. That is the hypocrisy and apparent “tolerance” in this country. Nudity is tolerated in the 21st century only where it is meant to entice people on glossy. However, if an older person once wants to do free himself for 10 minutes, someone who has marked 25 years the spiritual gay life of the city as a positive open and radical against babbittry like no other and for so many – as a bearer of hope against the general personal oppression, It is immediately switched off every spirit and compassion of those who are afraid of sponsors or the image of the event and the emergency or police is called.
Nudity is still the biggest taboo of humanity, to show people the way you really is. We still pursue those who want to break this taboo. We do not want to hear their message. We despise them, because they represent something that we ourselves do not want to allow us to be as we really are! We cannot permanently suppress our true inner nature – without losing our love.
What probably most impressed me during the parade was a young one from the Philippines, who carried a sign that read: “HATRED KILLS FAIRIS”. There is nothing to add! (Mata Hari)

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RADICAL FAERIES in the Viennese City Hall!


RADICAL FAERIES in the Viennese City Hall!

EXTENDED TILL Friday, 27.6.2014!

8.00 – 20.00 Uhr, Arkadenhofgalerie:

Foto EXHIBITION „Feen im Fummel. Radical Faeries im Wiener Rathaus“

WASt, Verein Aisthesis und selfsightseeing company präsentieren mit dieser Ausstellung eine Dokumentation und kunstbasierte Forschung über die „Radical Faeries Austria“, eine alternative queere Bewegung, die aus der Subkultur San Franciscos kommt und für Schwule, Lesben und Trans* eine Subszene abseits herkömmlicher Normierungen schafft.

Veranstalter: WASt-Wiener Antidiskriminierungsstelle für gleichgeschlechtliche und transgender Lebensweisen in Kooperation mit dem Verein Aisthesis und der selfsightseeeing company

Projektleitung: Mag. Wolfgang Wilhelm (WASt), Mag. Georg Vogt (Aisthesis), Mag. Bastian Petz (selfsightseeing company)











Once WE ARE transformed
Once WE ARE reborn
You know WE will rise like FAERIES
But you’re OUR flame!


YES we believe in a Future of Peace and Freedom,

Diversity, Tolerance and Respect

and without Discriminations of any kind! We are a Community! We are Unity!


So many Radical Faeries worldwide and in Austria THANK YOU Conchita

for speading so much positive energy and good spirit into the world!


Grateful: Mata Hari and Red Rose with Conchtia Wurst at the Lifeball 2012 in Vienna


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Austrian Faerie Calender – past events 2014

15.-22 June 2014: SUMMER COMMUNITY WEEK at Sanctuary Weinviertel


21./ 22. Juni 2014:  Summer SOLSTICE at Sanctuary



Participation at Vienna PRIDE 11.-15. June 2014 + Parade 14. June 2014


Radical Faeries im Wiener Rathaus!

5.6. – 27.6.2014,

Fotoexhibition and Vernissage „Feen im Fummel. Radical Faeries im Wiener Rathaus“


11.-21 April 2014: SPRING COMMUNITY WEEK

at the Sanctuary (Faerie Home Weinviertel)


Spring is so beautiful at our Faerie Home Sanctuary Weinviertel!
For all Faeries and friends who liked to

– work on the Land (gardening, cutting and gathering wood),

– create real Faerieland

in connection with Mother Nature (creating altars and sacred spaces)

– create room for more faeries and like to

– explore the lovely landscape and richness in animals and

– laugh and sing at night around the fire.


30. April – 4. Mai 2014:  WALPURGISNACHT / BELTANE


We were celebrating the beginning of the summer with

lighting bonfires, decorating homes with May flowers, making ‘May
Bushes’, creating a maypole and dancing around our tree!


20-21 February 2014 :   EXHIBITION 



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