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“HATRED KILLS FAIRIS” – Report on the participation of Radical Faeries at the Rainbow Parade Vienna 2014!

Posted by on July 4, 2014

The parade was just incredible splendidly for us and left a quiet luster to our golden faces. Never ever have so many people taken photos from us. The joy beamed from every face who discovered us and applauded. “We radiated grace and glorious movement of our bodies like no other group in the parade,” told us a young woman who followed us for some time. The joy of our presence was felt everywhere! The Faeries represent the diversity of our community: The Rurtaler were alternately carrying the parade shield. They are magnificent images of men with long hair and beautiful hairy bodies, a real eye catcher and figurehead for our group. They smiled and radiated out in front and were reliable vanguard against the hard core of the Austrian Faeries: the triumvirate of Black Panther; today as a perfect drag queen who called herself on parade “Bad Davis” so mean and striking was der eyeliner, but her smile was just amazing and turned us on all the way up the Ring Street in the opposite direction. Then, Red Rose, once again “Reddily” our “cock of the walk” as aptly the newspaper “Österreich” subtitled, in a dress that envied all viewers, so totally authentic was the rose, as if she was already born in this dress. Her cordial attitude was catching to all around. People scrambled to get a picture of us. And as a third musketeer: Mata Hari, this time “Golden I” – in the same outfit as on the Life Ball. The golden rays shooting out of her head assembly, met in all eyes round. Applause everywhere. Finally, Golden I was only able to a serene goodness, to incarnate the eternal glory of the sun that gives us her eternal life energy. Bravely she stalked elegantly in the highest heels off the ring, no matter how her toes would look like. We did it for the enthusiastic people to whom tolerance and respect for others is a concern. Where it is more important to spread positive energy instead of negative and still be themselves! We got the number right before the Noes, which gave us extra attention, as many believed, this huge pink rainbow of balloons behind us was one of us. But still we heard that the parade spectators very well could identify us as the Radical Faeries and they also applauded us sporadically for that. We have not arrived in the mainstream, but in the hearts of men, we have a clearly noticed and many have recognized us from the exhibition “Radical Faeries at the Viennese City Hall!” Many Faeries were not marching right behind our sign, but scattered in the parade, because we are everywhere. Some did not go along, because they do not bear the crowds and the noise. Also, that’s OK. We were pleased that Doro and El have painted their body and have always looked by and visited us. We appreciated many Faerie friends who suddenly appeared and were greeting us. We also gave interviews to ORF and W24 that we also saw the same evening on television.
And there was one thing that has surprised all of us: The Radical Faeries won the 2nd place in the evaluation of the contributions as marching troupe by a jury with regard to the idea, execution and message! behind HAPPY. This has really pleased! Because that showed us that the message has arrived! Great appreciation! WELL DONE!
parade5-300x192In contrast to Vienna Pride the Rainbow Parade is still not a purely commercial event where still contents, spirit, tolerance and messages are really transported and a breach of rules is not taken too seriously. This had to suffer our beloved Hermes, who as a living altar wanted to sit on a wheelchair somewhere in a small tent, and he was miserably disposed of by the organizers of the Vienna Pride because he dared for 5 minutes his body to free himself completely, together with a piece of 61 years old naked skin, which has served once as a genital – before this body would have been decorated. In contrast, this event was promoted towards the Ring Street with huge posters of a new political party, where the only key element was a male ass presented with the note: “Free yourself”. That is the hypocrisy and apparent “tolerance” in this country. Nudity is tolerated in the 21st century only where it is meant to entice people on glossy. However, if an older person once wants to do free himself for 10 minutes, someone who has marked 25 years the spiritual gay life of the city as a positive open and radical against babbittry like no other and for so many – as a bearer of hope against the general personal oppression, It is immediately switched off every spirit and compassion of those who are afraid of sponsors or the image of the event and the emergency or police is called.
Nudity is still the biggest taboo of humanity, to show people the way you really is. We still pursue those who want to break this taboo. We do not want to hear their message. We despise them, because they represent something that we ourselves do not want to allow us to be as we really are! We cannot permanently suppress our true inner nature – without losing our love.
What probably most impressed me during the parade was a young one from the Philippines, who carried a sign that read: “HATRED KILLS FAIRIS”. There is nothing to add! (Mata Hari)

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