What is a radical faerie gathering?

This page is a work in progress! We are currently working to improve this page. So please take its contents with a grain of salt 🙂

When faeries come together to create faerie space, we speak of a gathering. Here we are aiming to describe a little bit of how that can look – but ultimately we invite you to see for yourself, as gatherings are as individual as the people who contribute to it.

Queer Faerie Space

This is one of the terminologies that faeries use to describe the room that is manifested and held by those who attend a gathering. It implies that what constitutes this room relies almost entirely on what individuals contribute to it.

Faerie Space is what a faerie makes it to be, not what it was made by someone else. Thus every faerie space is unique. It’s a celebration of individuals. It is open to anyone who feels compelled to join.


A gathering means community. For many faeries it means reuniting with their tribe, their family.

a gathering is a place where people of differing ages, races, body sizes and shapes, sexualities and asexualities, genders and non-genders, magical, spiritual and religious beliefs all come together.


Nowadays many faerie spaces are manifested as queer spaces. Though there is still some work left to do, reflected in ongoing efforts to facilitating events as radically inclusive.

At a gathering, new faeries, experienced faeries, local faeries and international faeries together. The gathering provides them with a way to connect with a way to build community, if they desire to do so.

We create community by working together, sharing our hearts, crying together, laughing together, loving together, watching the stars together, cast spells together, create art together, cooking together, eating together – breathing together.

Consent based Co-Creation

There are not many rules in faerie space. Everything that happens is based on consent. “Everything is voluntary“, means exactly that. Organisers usually just make sure that the gathering is happening but what happens from thereon is not necessarily planned or organised.

Everything that happens at a gathering is co-created, based on consent. Events like these require that their participants do some work to keep it going, like washing dishes, decorating places, cleaning toilets, cooking food, chopping wood, etc. Organizers may point out that there are areas of work that need doing and faeries may volunteer to do so. The idea is that the gathering organises itself, instead of being carried on the shoulders of a few individuals.

If you wanna see something done, do it yourself.

radical faerie saying

Instead of waiting for someone else to do anything, faeries are invited to do whatever they want in their very own way.


Many Gatherings operate on a NOTAFLOF-Policy. This acronym stands for “No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funding” and means quite literally exactly that. Though participants will be asked to pay for their stay, to cover the costs of the event, they can still attend even if they cannot pay the full price or cannot pay at all. Not all gatherings have this policy, though the Vienna Radical Faeries’ Gathering have always had this Policy.

Heart Circles

A core component of radical faerie gatherings are heart circles. They happen outside of gatherings as well, but they are seen as vital to the gathering – they part of radical faerie tradition. They are facilitated to connect faeries together, by creating a space where faeries are invited to share from the heart.

A heart circle is a place where people meet in sacred* space to speak from the heart and be listened to from the heart


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