Waterlilies Gathering Heviz Hungary 2016

SEEROSEN TREFFEN – erstes Faerie Gathering in Ungarn 2016


Dear Faeries!
Szerelem Tündérek szerelem!

Calling all you Waterlilies,

all mermaids and seahorses

Neptunes and dragonflies

the Operencia, the phantastic land,

Wind mother Szélanya,

und all marvelous deer in Hungary

and in all the neighboring countries and in all the universe!

Lets spent some lovely days in Hungary

to have time for ourselves and to relax at the wonderful warm thermal lake of Hévíz – the largest natural thermal lake in the world.

An amazing and healing experience is awaiting you. Let us spend hours in the lake with our swimming belts and relax amidst shiny fragrant water lilies or lie in the mud.

surrounded by sparkling sweet fragrant water lilies
create heart circles in warm healing water

and to bring some Faerie Energy to an “Eastern” European Country and

continue our Radical Faerie/Eurofaerie VISIONS process here.


 We know that many of you who expressed at least some interest in faerie life are not able to travel far (like France or UK or US) so we come to you. The gathering is open for guests from neighboring and other countries as well. So we believe that it could be a very nice and healing signal if we could create some Faerie Magic in this country and support those who already work & live in this direction.

We want to hold closed/intimate community space for the duration of the gathering, but if people cannot attend the whole time it is ok too. WE WANT TO GIVE YOU THE CHANCE TO FEEL THE FAERIE SPIRIT. You should just enjoy the time and feel the healing.




The Hévíz gathering is a minimally structured event. We are basically getting together on a campsite to camp (it up?) and to relax and swim in the thermal lake or to explore the nature and culture around or to go to Lake Balaton.

You can expect structure to arise, however, from the people attending. There will be heart circles, rituals, workshops, and other Faerie activities. You can also expect an Introduction talk to new faeries, a no Talent Show, rituals in the wood, tours abound, bikes and hikes.

Like all gatherings, the content will be created by you and the others attending.

So join us for a magical sun-drenched Gathering on the campsite at this beautiful natural thermal lake (the largest in the world) of Hévíz, near Lake Balaton, just West of Hungary not far from the Austrian Border.

See below for more information on the gathering, or feel free to contact Mata Hari for any further questions: faerietreffen@hotmail.com

For a few visuals from the spot, please click on this link



There is no real need to register in advance and there are no fees in advance – just show up! BUT to get sure that you will have a reserved space for your tent at the campsite it is recommended that you send us an email if you come (to know how many would like to come) so that we can reserve your space for your tent definitely.

It would be great if we would be at least 20 Faeries so that we get a reduced group ticket into the thermal lake. The lake is a flower paradise, it is warm with more than 38 degrees. Our dream is to spend the first heart circles ever in warm water surrounded by fragrant water lilies and faeries.


Although there are no fees, there will be costs for you as you will have to travel to get there and, once there, you will have to eat and drink and pay for the campsite plot (just some euros). The food situation will probably be covered by the local restaurants, but we can also improvise and buy some food and prepare it on the campsite. There are enough cheap restaurants with delicious food (also vegetarian) around. In the campsite there are a few rooms to rent also, but not enough for all Faeries attending (you have to reserve in advance to get one). The rooms are an option for those of you who have special needs or special wants.

The camping area and the thermal lake is not clothing optional.





So, what to bring? Bring a tent and whatever you need to sleep on, and whatever else you need for camping. If you can, bring other Faerie things (beautiful décor, outfits, beach games, musical instruments, ritual objects, something for an altar, etc.) A SWIM RING you can get there!



You need to get to Vienna or Budapest by train, bus or airplane.

By car you need about 4 hours from Vienna to Heviz. Some will take a car and still have free space (please ask for a seat as long as it is available)

For all the waterlilies who want to join us by train from Vienna to Heviz! This is the best train timetable on 30.08. or 31.08. from Vienna Hbf via Kelenföld to Keszthely (from there take a bus or taxi to Heviz). With every train you have to change in Kelenföld:

Wien Hbf – Keszthely

ab 06:42 – an 12:21
ab 08:42 – an 14:21
ab 09:42 – an 16:21
ab 14:42 – an 20:21

You can also take trains from Budapest via Kelenföld to Keszthely. But be awar to ask if you need to buy a Reservation for the train from Kelenföld to Keszthely, because you maybe have to buy one in the train in FORINT! No Euros are accepted in the trains in Hungary.

. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zzhoexBxSApY.k6ErXblkFp70&msa=0&ll=46.912751%2C20.467529&spn=6.056416%2C14.27124&z=7

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Or just show up at any time, even without telling us. We envision the gathering to be completely open and stress free – a real campsite paradise gathering where we can explore Hungary and bring Faerie Magic.




WHEN? 31 August – 4 September 2016


WHERE? http://www.castrum-group.hu/de/heviz


Prices for the Campsite are:

Exchange rate: 1 Euro ~ 308,5 Ft

You have to pay per Person (1.600 Ft) and per plot (30-40 m2 = 2.000 Ft). So the total price will be (incl. Tourist tax) about 7 Euros per day per person.

On a small plot we can put about 4 tents. We have already reserved 2 big plots (2x 8 tents) for us near the Waterlilies Chanel and the 2 last double rooms for you.




More Informations about the Campsite:

The campsite and the pension lies near the thermal lake (300m), the guests can wear only a bathrobe when they walk over to the lake. The overflow channel of the lake, which offers a fascinating sight with the pink, purple and white lotuses, crosses the campsite.

The two coasts are joined by a romantic lovely wooden bridge, from where you can see the Mediterranean fishes swimming between the colorful water-lilies. The nature reserve can boast of its unique birds and plants, which give a lifelong experience and breathe a magic atmosphere.

The numbered plots in the campsite, which have the possibility to join to the electric network, partly to the drink water, are separated by green hedges.

On the campsite area a familiar 10 room pension was built, it is the nearest accomodation to the Héviz thermal lake. You can hear the song of protected birds.


Mail: faerietreffen@hotmail.com

NO ONLINE REGISTRATION, but please send an EMAIL to

with some infos about you, like:
• Your faeriename or actual name
• how and when you will arrive
• if you want to join by train
• and if you need a room to reserve:
If you tell us you will definitely come you will receive a confirmation email and the gathering newsletter before.

We try to create a secret Facebook Group for those participants who got a confirmation email

If you want more details about this gathering visit the Website of the Austrian Faeries:


You will find a link also via


If you like to read reports from previous Gatherings in Austria visit



With love, hugs and faerie kisses…

Follow every rainbow….. till you find your dream!

Blessed be!


Először a gyógyulási folyamatot közé tartozik. Készüljön fel az 1. liliom Tündérország Gathering Hungary 2016! .

To start the healing process in Hungary. Be ready for the 1st Waterlilies Faerie Gathering Hungary 2016!



Personal statement: First of all, thank you so much that you expressed your will to gather with us in a new country! We all know about the political situation in some eastern countries and some of you also expressed their concern about the current LGBTIQ situation. But we all are healers and we want to enjoy ourselves around this magical lake. People will understand if they have the chance to know us better. We try to be pioneers and will spread the Faerie spirit! We are ONE tribe wherever we are, even in our diversity. We will be in a rather safe space in this campsite and in this town which lives of tourists (for them we are). We will have a wonderful gathering if we focus on our healing skills. We all have to have in mind this gathering is NOT a regular event and it is NOT a matter of course that it will happen again in Hungary. It also depends if it is accepted and appreciated by you and the Faeries in the neighbouring countries and if we and all participating Faeries and friends can feel your love and spirit in your physical presence.


Looking forward and sending hugs to you all!

Mata Hari and Red Rose

(for the gathering organizing team)


Please forward this call also to your Faerie friends!

We are UNITY ! We are ONE tribe !




Become a PIONEER …..

When you need to run away

From what other people say

Your enemy might be your own mind

A smile, a hug, a little praise

You haven’t received for days

For long you feel mistreated

In a world where the poems sound fake

And the love is replaced by the fame

A million hearts of a million people

Be proud, you were born to be real

A million lies in a million temples

It’s only fear, become a pioneer

You’ve been weird, been a mess

They don’t know how to value uniqueness

So they turn their heads away, away

When there no more products to sell

Everyone will cast their own spell

A million hearts of a million people

Be proud, you were born to be real

A million lies in a million temples

It’s only fear, become a pioneer

No right time, no right place

To meet your inner grace

Approval is found within

A million hearts of a million people

Be proud, you were born to be real

No right time, no right place, yeah

A million lies in a million temples

It’s only fear, become a pioneer

You should know, you should know

Oh, you should know, you should know

(Hungarian song contribution at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016!)






…. and here are the first reactions and voices of the participating Faeries:

We (Mata Hari + Red Rose) are so grateful that you all came to this unique place in this world. I must admit that also one of my biggest dreams came true that also just a flower can call us together. I still feel a lot of healing and I hope that you keep this feeling as long as you live.
We also were happy that most of us met for a little “After Waterlilies-Gatherette” as long as Kwai is in Vienna in the vegan Café “Fett+Zucker”  
Blesses be!
Mata Hari
Dear Faery Sweethearts,
Thanks for the wonderful time we had together! 
Still floating between waterlilies and the beloved Radical Faeries … „heart“-Emoticon<3 so much enjoyed the gathering in Hungary especially lingering with our “noodles” in the warm lake and channel, having so much fun laughing and going so deep into our divine sparks.
 I’m so happy and grateful that I could join and meet these beautiful people – all full of reflection, juicyness and delight!
 Flora and me – being the only women* – at the gathering – have had the idea of founding the Radical Pixies Austria, as part of the Radical Faeries Austria. 
 This is the introduction and invitation to the group – pls let me know if you are interested, so i’ll add you to the FB group:
 “we want to create a community for queer-feminist women*, genderqueers, intersex, transgender, nogender, transsexual, genderfluid & non-binary persons as part of the Radical Faeries in Austria & the neighbouring countries in Central Europe
we explore, discuss and create links between spirituality, queer-feminist politics, sustainability, sensuality, sexuality, consciousness & friendship
we explore our own power and the power of the heart to connect with each other and with life & nature that surrounds us and that we are a part of”
Lots of love and sirenness 😉


“one of the (possibly sulphur-overdose-induced 😉 ) visions i carried back with me from the wonderful waterlily gathering with beloved faerie friends old & new frolicking by & in the healing waters of the magical thermal lake in Hévíz was developed in conversation with Loreley (originally inspired by hearing about the Radical Pixies Israel last year) & i hope the seed of our vision will grow & blossom into life like the waterlilies – if you are interested in joining us please pm & i will add you to our secret fb Group”
“Thank you again for organizing the gathering – it needs lot of bravery and will, I appreciate it.
I was happy to get to one of the places I dreamed about a lot in couple of years … and not alone (I can’t enjoy beauty on my own, that would be half experience for me) – especially with faeries.
Lots of love
Bad Dog


Hi Mata Hari,
Thanks to you and Red Rose for organising the Hévíz gathering. I really enjoyed it and learned from it. I’m sending you my email address so that I can stay in touch with other faery possibilities nearby in the future. 
How can I find words for something that I do not want to describe because it left me so harmonious and so beautiful. I wish all of you could make this experience yourself. It’s the first time ever that I don’t feel a bit exhausted after a gathering that I organized and that I don’t feel strange when I enter again civilisation. I could delve into another world I did not know before. I feel like woven into a cocoon of soft glittering wool and fairy dust, which went into my brain and through my blood. But in fact, it is a world of real elements, it is the world of water and colours in combination, a world of flowers and waterlilies and mud and I feel just peace in me. It is the first gathering where I have nearly been more inside than outside water or it at least feels like that. I felt like a Neptune baby after Sky waved me gently into the uterus of my mother. After having lost my fear of water I first became a dolphin and a whale and then a mermaid. I could hear real giant whales singing under the water after Geo has waved my floating body to his lungs. I could see and feel the power and spirit of the pinkest waterlilies who rise higher and more gaily forward out of the water than any other flower I ever saw before. I feel more like I spent a week in Hawaii than in an eastern European country. I still see so many colours in my mind and my spirit is so satisfied even though we only had one big heart circle. I felt like I have performed a new life as flowers although we had no Know Talent Show. I feel gratitude and I feel “that’s what friends are for” more than ever. I got to know wonderful new Faeries and Pixies whatever gender they are. I find no words to criticise anything because all was too much paradise for me. We had enough time to balance conflicts, to give the new ones time to find harmony again after overwhelming emotions and we all left as mutual friends. We spent most of the time in total green environment and muddy water, alt-ough it was an urban gathering. We ate great food and felt hospitality although we could hear that some tourists left the space after we – the giggling and each other touching “rats” – have entered the mud pool. But in the end we spread lots of healing Faerie energy to all the people around us and into the waterlilies channels. While floating each other in shimmering and muddy water all started to do the same. From the first moment amid my waterlilies I did not want to be anywhere else in the world. Floating with other Faeries in the most beautiful nature – what else can I wish for?
Mata Hari
Das Gathering in Ungarn war super. Wir haben bewiesen, dass es auch im öffentlichen Raum möglich ist, wenn wir uns an die üblichen Gesellschaftsregeln halten und dass es sogar in einem autoritär geführten osteuropäischen Land möglich ist. Wir habe nun vor, nächstes Jahr erstmals ein Faerie Gathering in Rumänien zu organisieren, in Siebenbürgen: Das “Dracula-Gathering” bei Kronstadt, Transsilvanien, im August 2017
The Gathering in Hungary was great. We have proved that it is possible even in public places, if we stick to the usual social rules and that it is possible even in an authoritarian Eastern European country. We now have plan to organize next year for the first time a Faerie Gathering in Romania, in Transylvania: The “Dracula Gathering” at Kronstadt in August 2017 (before or after the Global Gathering in Fatherstone)
Red Rose + Mata Hari