Golden Sands – Black Sea Gathering Varna Bulgaria 2019

*This is the CALL for the

Golden Sands – Black Sea Gathering

17 – 25 August 2019


                                   still 3-4 beds left – be quick with Registration!


Yooohooo! Sweet Faeries!

We are thrilled to announce



near Varna BULGARIA + Nirvana Nude + GAY Beach

August 17-25, 2019



Golden egg, who are you?” the dragon asks the egg within him.

„I am you”, says the golden egg to him. The dragon is surprised. That should he be himself? “Look at me and be close to me, then you will be exactly what you are!“


Every Faerie also carries a golden egg inside her. But many know nothing about it because their golden egg is hidden under many layers.


So we welcome and are calling

all faerie folk, all ye gentle creatures and queer dragons,

come with us to the Golden Sands

to find your Treasures

and share it with others

for 8 days of summer love, light and laughter

to create community at this magnificent beach

near Varna, the city with the dragons in love,

the city where the oldest gold treasure in the world is kept!!



Join us to create faerie magic in a comfortable, clean and secluded holiday home in pink

with a magnificent view surrounded by lovely vineyards near the Golden Sands in one of the most picturesque Black Sea bays. Nirvana nudist beach is only a 10 minute walk away. And we can take a bus all along the coast. Bulgaria is still the cheapest country in the EU!


What else is awaiting you…. Expect:

In addition to a magnificent sea coast to discover, a secret tip at the Black Sea, much bathing and rejoicing, a lot of culture and one of the oldest and most beautiful old towns in Europe, we will also visit the statue “Dragons in Love”.



Dragons are a reflection of cultures and myths. In times of upheaval, dragons awaken, often with a golden pearl in their mouths, symbolizing creation. In the East, dragons also stand for happiness, wisdom and contact with nature. The history of the creation of the world has to do with dragons all over the world. Let us create our new faerie world and let us help it from the new dragons. They symbolize the treasure, so that all immaterial and irrational values remain with us!



Your Activities:

You can expect structure to arise, however, from the people attending. There will be an opening circle, heart circles, rituals, workshops, a closing ceremony and other Faerie activities. You can also expect an Introduction talk to new faeries, auction if possible, a No Talent Show, rituals in the wood and at the beach, tours around, bikes and hikes and even Horse-riding, Boat Rental, Sailing and much more.

And of course we will have delicious vegetarian/vegan meals cooked by all of us and the usual delightful faerie chaos playfulness for us all to submerge ourselves into!


Let’s come together in the spirit of openness to new experiences, healing, and the joy and creativity that is our faerie nature.


Like all Faerie events, this is co-created and self-managed. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We all take responsibility to create a magical space, to help each other and the organisers, to take care of ourselves and the other and to help cooking, serving and dishwashing and that we don’t waste our resources in this drug free gathering.


It will be quite an intimate gathering with space for
a maximum of 15 Faeries, so if you’re interested, check your dates and register soon to get cheap flights to Varna!

Our Location:

The villa has decently equipped kitchen, large enough rooms and lots of outdoors space to play. Great privacy! The view from the terrace of the third floor is epic – large view of the sea, small boats floating. The beach is a 10-15 minute walk down the road and to get to the center of town you can take a bus or a taxi for a very cheap price.


The nearest train station is in Varna (19 km) and Airport (25 km away).


So join us for a magical unusual gathering with lots of pioneering and scenic beauties.



Contribution and Registration Fee:

Your contribution for the whole gathering (without food) is: € 180 (€ 20 /per day/9 days)

Food is Inexpensive and great (like people in Varna). Only if we are at least 11 Faeries in Varna then the food we buy to cook together can partly be included in the € 180.


So be aware that an extra contribution of about € 50 or more for the food and car sharing is necessary for all participants during the gathering (if we are less than 11 people).

15 beds in 8 rooms are available at the beginning of the registration process (Included in bed registration are also bed linen, towels).

Higher donations are appreciated and welcome.


In the powerful Radical Faerie tradition, we do our best to follow the NOTAFLOF (No Faerie Turned Away For Lack Of Funds) philosophy. Just ask.



Please be aware that because of the limited bed situation only if you have registered AND already PAID € 180,– for the bed or if you have bookd your flights to Varna already you have the bed fix!


So please don’t forget to register and book your flight soon and pay immediately if you register!




There is a direct flight connection from Vienna, London Gatwick, Düsseldorf, etc to Varna Airport, where you would then be picked up by our contact persons or by us or you just take a cheap taxi.


“The Faerie Wings”-Airplane:

If you want to join some Austrian Faeries by airplane, we will fly with Austrian Airlines on

Saturday 17th August at 10:05 am from Vienna and back on Sunday 25th at 1:30 pm.

BOOK flights ASAP!




Trains to Varna via Budapest from Vienna.

this is Varna, not Vienna!




Only E-MAIL Registration! It started on Monday 7th January 2019!

Just send an email to

(or with the following Information:


Faerie Name, civil name, address (and country), mobile phone number, arrival+ departure time, Payment information and any other information (like skills or workshops you want to offer). Please include any information you feel we should have (phobias, allergies etc).



(Please have a look at our website and Facebook groups or FaeNet Groups / Faenet Events.


Make the contribution as soon as possible, especially if you want a bed (€ 180,–!)!


Please transfer the registration costs of your choice to:

Bank Name: 12000 Bank Austria

Account Name: “Austrian Faeries”

IBAN: AT811200010001670073

BIC (swift code): BKAUATWW

Reference; “Varna 2019 + the name you registered”

As soon as the money is on the account, you will get an email with the confirmation that you get a bed. Before the gathering you will also get our gathering newsletter. We are looking forward to you.


NOTE: We stop the registration process after the maximum contingent of 15 people is full.


If you want to help to organise the gathering, please let us know. We appreciate your involvement. Please contact us by facebook or email if you have any questions.


You will find a link also via

If you like to read reports from the Gatherings in Austria


If you have any questions send your email to:


To start the healing process in Bulgaria …

With love and faerie kisses… and sending hugs to you all!


Blessed be! BIG HUG

Mata Hari and Red Rose

(for the gathering team)


Please send this call also your Faerie friends!

And we will continue our Eurofaerie VISION Process!