3rd “Sound of Faeries” Gathering 2018



 About the history of this gathering:
At the last Eurofaerie Gathering 2011 in Terschelling it was agreed with the organizers that if we find the right place in Austria, the Sound of Faeries Gathering will be the direct successor of the Eurofaeries Gatherings. And we found a magical space !

The Legend is back!




@ Hochkönig




YooHoo! Already 47 Faeries from 14 different countries have already registered!

Thank you so much!

… and we still have space for more to come! xxx




Yooohooo! Sweet Faeries! The Hills are AGAIN alive, with the



Gathering  @ Hochkönig Austria

 7-14 JULY 2018


The Legend is back!

After FANTASTIC rollercoasters of

Fun, dance, love, talks, magic and nature in 2013 and 2015,


We are thrilled to announce

Austria’s 3rd international FAERIE GATHERING

In the AUSTRIAN ALPS near Salzburg July 7-14, 2018.


So many faeries from different countries wanted to come back as soon as possible to this most unexpected but breathtaking Hochkönig mountain location, 1300 meters up in the heart of the Salzburg Alps.


So once more we welcome and are calling all faerie folk, all ye queer legends and icons, revolutionaries, gentle creatures, bambis, deer, mountain trolls, pixies and phoenixes of all genders from across Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Luna and around the whole Universe


To Rise Like A Faerie

Create A Sacred Heart Space

Celebrate our /your Uniquness and bring

The Legends Alive to all Faeries of the World


for 7 days of summer love, light and laughter on this magical mountain – that could change your life and fulfil your dreams!


Join us to create faerie magic in a comfortable, clean and private Alpine hostel near an enchanted forest in the mountains of Austria. There are meadows to play in as well as forests, creeks, waterfalls and mountains. So come and explore this magical nature. If you want more privacy and would like to camp, the nights are chilly (15 to 25 degrees) but there is enough space to pitch a few tents.




This is awaiting you Expect:


Mother NATURE !  explore and enjoy the healing spirit of Mother Earth and Pachapapa at highest Faerie gathering in the exceptional Alps mountain range, come and experience the unforgettable alpenglow in front your eyes or an optional tour to the nearby Eisriesenwelt – the largest ICE CAVE on our planet Earth! And some hiking tours around this place of outstanding natural beauty.


MUSIC! – So come and make faerie music every night around the sacred fire or create a Faerie-sing-along to our Sound of Music-Legends


MEMORIES! -We remember our Ancestors and the beginning of the Radical Faerie Movement in Austria by presenting Symbiofaerietaxiplasm, a Filmdokuvaganza filmed partly at the 1st Gathering 2013, showing also our historic 1st little sanctuary in Austria.




LEGENDS! – need legends, shared histories of our people’s struggles that would help unite and inspire a people so separated by distances and division. Legends may be transformed over time, in order to keep them fresh and vital. We tell legends about our ancestors, the Nature, sanctuaries, gatherings and about the Sound of Faeries. What does that mean for our Faerie history? We also gather because we all have a true story to tell and we want to hear the stories of our Faerie brothers and sisters. If we communicate subject to subject, we keep our spirit alive and the spirit of our legendary ancestors. There are so many Faerie Tales and Faerie Tails to celebrate! Let’s bring the legends alive! Let’s meet our legends! We all can be legends if we respect each other.

The Legend is Back! The Spirit of Man Love … begins with the Sound. Two flutes play …. the “Sound of Faeries”. Rather than live as outcasts or useless pariahs, we Faeries have necessary tales to tell and vital roles to perform which advanced the human story. If you never found anyone who could tell me the stories of myself and of my people we Faeries would never exist. Our main theme of the 3rd “Sound of Faeries” Gathering 2018 is inspired by the Andrew Ramers “Two Flutes Playing” and we bring our legend back! Join us to keep our tales alive.


















VISIONS and principles! – We create visions for the faerie tribes in Europe and a second sanctuary in Europe or in Austria and discuss our faerie principles and the importance of being radical in changing times (which will be summarised in a new book).

The Seeking for Land for an EASTERN (and CENTRAL European) SANCTUARY

is already going on since 1 year after the Faeries in Austria and Eastern and Central Europe have lost their faerieland after the death of El/Leo. We created already an association in Austria like Folleterre with the same Statutes as Les Amis de Folleterre. This association already exists after Austrian Law since june 2017. We already announced this at the last Global Gathering in Fatherstone 2017. So If you are really interested in concrete actions for a new sanctuary or if you want to support us please come to the “SOUND of FAERIES Gathering” 7-14 July 2018, where all the protagonists and activists of this new EASTERN (and CENTRAL European) sanctuary project will be present. It will be one of the main topics of this gathering in Austria.


SPIRIT! – Let’s free our mind and celebrate our Radical Faerie Spirit, our visions and everything you think that should outlive you and include a legend about you. The last questions: Have I lived enough? Have I loved enough? Have I done enough for the world? For the other Faeries? The less there is Spirit (Nature, Love, etc.) in this world the more we need it, the more we need YOU! We hope in this gathering you can find some answers.

We will have heart circles, ritual, in- and outdoor love temple, workshops and meditations to connect to our collective faerie spirit and faerie nature and A Special Day Of Common Respect for each other.


And of course we will have our traditional KwNotalent show, the Auction, delicious vegetarian/vegan meals and the usual delightful faerie chaos playfulness for us all to submerge ourselves into!


Let’s come together in the spirit of openness to new experiences, healing, and the joy and creativity that is our faerie nature.

Opening ceremony is Saturday 7th, Closing Ceremony Friday 13th.


Like all Faerie events, this is co-created and self-managed. Everyone is welcome to contribute. We all take responsibility to create a magical space, to help each other and the organisers, to take care of ourselves and the other and to help cooking, serving and dishwashing and that we don’t waste our resources in this drug free gathering.




Getting here:


The nearest international airports are Munich or Salzburg where you can get an inexpensive train ticket to the nearest train station to the gathering, Bischofshofen. Then there are local busses or we can organize Faerie Taxis to Mühlbach at Hochkönig.


Pretty sure that you are coming?  Please register

The Gathering donation is  €250 or €300 (or more if you want)


You will find a link also via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1104833646325276/

If you have any questions send your email to: faerietreffen@hotmail.com

You will receive an automatic confirmation email, when we get your Registration Form or email. Please also ckeck your junkmail box if you did not get it in your mailbox. See you at the Gathering!


With love, hugs and faerie kisses…

Follow every rainbow¦ till you find your dream! Blessed be!

Mata Hari, Red Rose and Salvia (for the gathering team)

Please send this call also your Faerie friends!

We are the FUTURE !


If you click on the links of the main menue: 3rd “Sound of Faeries” Gathering 2015 you can read some actual Information:


 “Sound of Music” at the Life Ball Vienna 2018
As you should know: Our gathering is near the place where the world famous Musical
“The Sound of Music”   was filmed.
And perhaps the biggest surprise of Lifeball 2018 with the motto “Sound of Music” was that
Gardiner von Trapp presented himself on stage. Captain Georg Trapp was his great-grandfather. Only one year ago he returned to Austria. “Now I’m here as a proud member of the queer community,” said Trapp. “The courage of my family should remind us that we should be proud of what we are.” The Trapp family escaped from the National Socialists in 1938 via Switzerland to the United States.