2nd A-Sound of Faeries Gathering 2015

Gathering 2015


Official ONLINE REGISTRATION now possible:



The 2nd “SOUND of FAERIES”


@ Hochkönig AUSTRIA

15-25 August 2015

Gathering 2015  

After a FANTASTIC rollercoaster of

fun, dance, love, talks, magic and nature in 2013,


we are thrilled to announce

Austria’s 2nd international FAERIE GATHERING

in the AUSTRIAN ALPS near Salzburg August 15-25, 2015.







Come, FEEL and BREATHE the MOUNTAIN MAGIC in a really HEALING spicy air.

There will be enough clear mountain water for everyone as you like.
This will be also a rather silent gathering, with maybe 30-35 faeries. ..and not so much program … just RELAX and ENJOY our Mother Earth!


Many faeries from 14 countries wanted to come back as soon as possible to this most unexpected but breathtaking Hochkönig mountain location, 1300 meters up in the heart of the Salzburg Alps.



So again we welcome and are calling all faerie folk, all ye queer and gentle creatures, centaurs, bambi’s, eagles, deer, mountain trolls, phoenixes and friends of all genders from across Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Arctic, Antarctic, Moon and around the whole Universe

to Rise like a Faerie
Celebrate our/your Rebirth with us and
Building Bridges to all Faeries of the World


Hochkönig calling

(fairy flowers everywhere!)


for 10 days of summer love, light and laughter on this magical mountain – that could change your life and fulfill your dreams!

Join us to create faerie magic in a comfortable, clean and private Alpine hostel near an enchanted forest in the mountains of Austria. There are meadows to play in as well as forests, creeks, waterfalls and mountains so come and explore this magical nature. If you want more privacy and would like to camp, the nights are chilly (13 to 23 degrees) but there is enough space to pitch a few tents.



Our intentions, this is awaiting you:

Mother NATURE ! 

explore and enjoy the healing spirit of Mother Earth at highest faerie gathering in the exceptional Alps mountain range, come and experience the unforgettable alpenglow in front your eyes! If you want we can again organize an optional tour to the nearby Eisriesenwelt – the largest ICE CAVE on our planet Earth! And some hiking tours around this place of outstanding natural beauty.



We will also celebrate 20 years of the Eurofaeries and Eurovisions by honouring each participating Faerie and country in a special way, and

3 years of Radical Faerie Movement in Austria by presenting

the real (premier) version of Symbiofaerietaxiplasm, a Filmdokuvaganza about the beginning of the Faerie Movement in Austria, filmed partly also at the 1st Gathering 2013,


the 1st  Faerie Novel/Anthology in German written by Mata Hari Rise Like A Faerie


and by creating visions for the faerie tribes in Europe and sanctuaries2b in Austria.



We are also celebrating the Comeback of the 60th Eurovision Song Contest to Austria by singing and creating Songs from all countries of participating faeries! … So come and make faerie music every night around the sacred fire or take part at a Faerie-sing-along on our

ESC Euro (Faerie)-Vision-

50 years of Sound of Music Celebration PARTY by Singing Songs from countries of participating faeries!



for all Faeries who like to present their Country with a heartful song! DONT FORGET TO BRING YOUR MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS!

50 years SoM


discover the heart of Europe and their peculiarities like delicious food, traditions, culture, clear water, history and create its faerie future …


We will have heart circles, ritual, in- and outdoor love temple, sweat lodge and meditations to connect to our collective faerie spirit and faerie nature.

and of course we will have our traditional KwNotalent show, the Auction, delicious meals and the usual delightful faerie chaos playfulness for us all to submerge ourselves into!

Special Surprise: Butterfly workshops!

Let’s come together in the spirit of openness to new experiences, healing, and the joy and creativity that is our faerie nature.

Opening ceremony is Saturday 15th , Closing Ceremony Monday 24th.


Getting here:


The nearest international airports are Munich or Salzburg where you can get an inexpensive train ticket to the nearest train station to the gathering, Bischofshofen. Then there are local busses or we can organize Faerie Taxis to our Youthhostel Mitterberghaus / Mühlbach at Hochkönig.

Before or after the Gathering you can also visit Vienna or the Sanctuary2b Weinviertel



Pretty sure that you are coming? Please register


For ONLINE Registration and the payment instructions visit our new website:



You will find a link also via


If you like to read reports from the 1st Gathering 2013 in Austria


If you have any questions send your email to:



You will receive a confirmation email, when we get your Registration Form or email. See you at the Gathering!



With love, hugs and faerie kisses…

Follow every rainbow… till you find your dream!

Blessed be!


Mata Hari, Red Rose, Black Panther, Ember, Robbi and Herbert

(for the gathering team)





REPORTS and COMMENTS from the 1st Faerie Gathering in AUSTRIA 2013:

and the spot where the second austrian faerie gathering will take place:

“I was absolutely stunned by the beauty there! Please expect the most beautiful, magical nature, magnificent mountainviews and lots lots lots of space for lots of faeries 🙂 the energy there ist indeed great!”  xxx blackpanther

“I hope the last gathering days have been good. I’m arriving back in UK now, full of happy memories. Sending love to u all Xx. Hugs to u. Thanks for all your work and congratulations on a fine event! XXXX SHOKTI”

“Thanks for a wonderful Gathering – the warm spirit will still live inside me for a long time after. You have changed people’s lives! Lots of love and hugs. Sim” (LONE WOLF)

“The Faerie Gathering in Austria was FANTASTIC … a rollercoaster of fun, dance, rhythm, love, erotism, talks, magic, soul …. thank you all my dear soulbrother-sister-faeries I miss you all and look forward in seeing ya … ” (TWEESPRONG)

Did anyone turn the bluescreen off after leaving the building?…LOL
That mountain is still lighting up in the back of my mind.
Miss you all!- Mountain Monkey –

Thanks guys for the wonderful time together!!
I’m missing you all and the wonderful mountains!
Hope to meet you all soon.
Hugz, Danny”

“So, I’ve decided that from now on Faerieland is wherever my feet roam, and my heart rests. It isn’t over. Much love to all!

Endless gratitude and appreciation for all the caretaking, the hard work, the passion and the love. You guys are AWESOME!” (Awen Storm Fool)

” It was great gathering … my best yet, and my first time to Austria. My heartfelt thanks to the “organizing team” who made it possible. It is a lot of hard, hard work and stress, that I know. And thanks to all the lovely faeries who made it such a fun and rich experience. Kisses partout (everywhere), Jim from Rural France”

“Here is something I found in an old note book; I wrote it after my first Faeries Gathering.
A dress on a man brings
out his beauty, strength
and his grace….
But when he drags up
in his normal clothes
to go home from the Faerie
Gathering, he declares that
he felt so alone, and vows
never again to feel sad
again.” (THE LADY)


Mother Goose (our oldest blessed faerie at the gathering!) wrote:

“The Austrian Radical Faeries Gathering, Hoch Konig 2013.
The moment I arrived at the bus station in Vienna to be met by Mata Hari & Red Rose, I knew I was in safe hands. I was taken straight to their lovely flat in the gay district.
After a brief rest there were new arrivals, Bindu from India, Lone Wolf & The Lady who’d already had a few days in Vienna. We all trooped out for an excellent meal at a local restaurant, Bindu fullfilled a dream enjoying Vienna Shnitzle for the first time. The next day we headed off around 10.30 by train to The Land, which it is hoped will become a Sanctuary for the Austrian Faeries! Here we were generously & warmly welcomed by El, The Land has belonged to her family for many years & experienced a wonderful “Kissing Awake” ceremony. However, that’s another story. Saturday morning I headed off with The Lady in the Faerie car heavily loaded with stuff for the Gathering ( ably driven by Matej, soon to become Prince Deer. We entertained ourselves with cleverly devized word games on the 5 hour journey to Bishofshoven where we made it in time to meet the second arrival of Euro Faeries. Great to see some familiar faces again from Featherstone & Berlin. Breathtaking scenery on the steep,winedy road up to the Hoch Konig Hostel. Its an impressive building with reasonably extensive grounds, though there is a Public walkway thru, however this

caused few if any problems. The view of cow fields and the mountains opposite are really impressive..We rushed into the house to stake claims to rooms and beds. I ended up sharing Room 10 at the top of 3rd floor stairs with El, her friend Andreas & later Awen Storm Cloud. A pretty harmonious group, fortunately there was a toilet just outside as I sometimes need it in the night. I don’t recall exactly the program for our first day, what I do know is that a wonderful feeling on contentment settled over me which never left until I returned to London. I guess we must have had a Heart Circle after a great meal prepared by Kitchen Goddess Red Rose and helpers. The Heart Circles were filled with great sharing wonderfully and sensitively facilitated by a variety of Faeries including Jim from Rural France(not Paris), Bindu, Mata Hari & Effemios, Otto(from Lower Bavaria)later Quarter Hobbit. As well as daily practical circles the days were filled with a huge variety of workshops, faeries sharing their skills in massage, singing/overtone chanting, Tapping, Mandala drawing, Queer Tango, Viennese Waltz, Introduction to Tantra to name but a few. The days on the one hand whizzed by on the other hand it felt like I’d been here forever & it was the only place I wished to be! What was particularly good for me was that I never felt I had to do everything & go everywhere. Where ever I was was perfect & just as it should be. Some of us experienced a great trip to the largest ice cavern in the world. A magnificent, if somewhat grueling experience,I was more than grateful for the firm, reassuring arm of Mata Hari to assist me up 700 steps & down 700 steps. During our 10 days the few upsets were handled sensitively and quietly. There was a superb ritual for the opening of The Love Temple on the first Sunday which culminated in a great hugging, stroking fest in the upstairs circle room. On Wednesday the first day of the Full Moon again a beautifully devized ritual with the lovely Tvissprong leading us in dance & Awen Storm Cloud leading a spiral dance by the bonfire. Was it here we had a wonderful display of faerie buns? Top
prize, in my book to the frequently on display Effemios buns, a most kissable, sweezable pair. I slept pretty well through out the Gathering with a few rather exciting erotic dreams. Being a fairly early riser I often put myself on breakfast duty and got great pleasure out of creating a delicious fruit porridge which proved popular. The No Talent show was a huge success , the display of talent wonderfully varied & rich from the Faerie version of “He had It Coming”, Theoklymanos’s terrific mimes, Effemios’s haunting Edleweiss,the dances of Mata Hari & great comparing from Pixie & Awen Storm Fool, I sung a couple songs too. Throughout The Gathering faeries were coming and going. We had a lovely short visit from two Australian faeries Velvet & Vlad. The lovely Fauny & Udo, a new faerie with the looks of a very handsome Klaus Kinski left early in the second week. Shokti left early carrying gorgeous Max from Isreal & super sexy Weston from Seattle with him. Picachu & Ganesha (from California) left a day or so early as well as Thomas & Mikael, fellow breakfast makers. Two days before we ended I managed by persistence to secure a couple of paradisical hours in bed with Prince Deer & Prince Andy, such a tender, sensual & generous time, I treasure it & was happy to share it in the Heart Circle. We had the Closing on Monday evening. Very simple, for which we each took a tea light to the altar, collected a rememberance pine cone returning to the the circle to look each faerie in the eyes, while this happened faeries mentioned moments at the gathering that have been special for them. I was more than touched to hear Prince Deer mention the time he’s shared his bed with me.(p.s. I’ve just received a postcard from the Princes’ I’m over the moon!) The final day was last clean-up and packing,, waving people off in small groups. A final kiss and a whistful wave to the two Princes off to visit family and postcard widows in western Austria & Switzerland. Our final group heading for Vienna were Bindu, The Lady, Mata Hari, Red Rose & myself. Black Panther joined us for a meal on Wednesday evening, I had two days of sightseeing & gallery visits with Red Rose & Mata Hari then they saw me off on the bus Thursday night! Their smiling faces & waving hands giving me strength for the long bus journey!”