Faeriebeacon Gathering X-Mas 2017

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Faerie BEACON Gathering 2017

 Hévíz, Hungary

(2nd Waterlilies Gathering)


December 25, 2017 – January 1, 2018




“She wears strength and darkness equally well;

The girl has always been half goddess, half hell.”

(Nikita Gill)


It is the longest night of the year. The ground is frozen, nature sleeps.

But stars are made visible by darkness, and hope appears in all the unlikely places. We gather in the dark to light together the first beacon in the gloom. We will light a candle by the window to guide your way.

Come home to the tribe for the season. Let us wear darkness and light together.

After our first wonderful and relaxing Waterlilies Gathering in September 2016 we gather again from Dec 25th to Jan 1st in Hévíz, Hungary, by the world’s largest natural thermal lake, to do what we do best: create Heart Space through Heart Circle, ceremony, celebration, sharing, caring, holding space, making love, making magic, drag, visions and dreams. This time, we will also experience in the sacred intimacy that Winter naturally inspires natural healing and deep relaxation in the warm waters of the thermal lake. The lake is a paradise, it is warm with 37 to 25 degrees in winter.


We are staying in a house near the town centre and within walking distance (700m) from the thermal lake. Our Apartment has 3 double beds, 2 sofa beds and 4 twin beds for 14 people.

Like all Faerie events, this is co-created and self-managed. Everyone is welcome to contribute. Please bring sacred objects, ideas, fun things, and everything you need to make sure you will have a pleasant stay and we will all have a good time. No dogs or pets allowed.




As we have a equipped kitchen we will buy some food and cook at least our breakfast and dinner. So our breakfast brunch and 1 meal per day (usually dinner) are included in your contributaion. Lunch we will eat mostly out of the house either at the lake or in the city in one of the chaep local Restaurants or if we make a tour. So lunch is not included and has to be paid individually based on your donation also if we eat it in our house.

Although there are no more fees to pay (the tourist-tax is included in your contribution), there will be costs for you as you will have to travel to get there and, once there, you will have to pay for 1 meal per day  (€ 10 – € 20 per day, so take at least about € 100  extra money for meals with you for the gathering) and the entrance ticket to the thermal lake (2 400 HUF/ 7 € for three hours  or 3 700 HUF/€ 12 for a whole day) or if we do some extra tours (like a local bus ticket to Keszthely Castle). There are enough cheap restaurants with delicious food (also vegetarian) around.

If our house will be full – and you still want to attend the gathering, there are enough rooms to rent also – we can help to find them near our apartment (you have to reserve in advance to get one).

The thermal lake is not clothing optional.




You need to get to Vienna, Graz, Budapest or Bratislava by train, bus or airplane. Then you can continue either go by train, car or bus to Hévíz (via Balaton).


Many Faeries will take the train from Vienna on the morning of the 25th to go to Hévíz (via Keszthely).

So if you want to join us with this train or if you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact us for more Information:


(or:  faerietreffen@hotmail.com)

Going back to Vienna we would order a shuttle bus for 6-7 persons (if we get at least 6-7 persons) on 1st Jan at 12 pm for about 30 Euros per Person (takes 3 hours) from Heviz to the Airport of Vienna.




Your contribution for a single bed or a double bed or couch sofa (which you have to share) for the whole gathering should range between € 150,– and € 200,– depending on your income).

If you want to sleep in your sleeping bag in the house your donation can be less (and you can pay in cash at the gathering)

14 people (extra beds can be added) can be registered at the beginning of the registration process. Please also tell us if you can share a double bed or a sofa with others or if you definitely need a single bed (we have a fully equipped kitchen, free private parking and free Internet WiFi is available in all areas).

We also ask for more food contribution during the gathering if it will be necessary.

Higher donations are appreciated and welcome.

In the powerful Radical Faerie tradition, we do our best to follow the NOTAFLOF (No Faerie Turned Away For Lack Of Funds) philosophy if we have place available or if you need no bed. Just ask.


Please be aware that because of the limited bed situation only if you have registered AND already PAID € 150 or 200 your registration and your bed is fix! If you have paid less then we ask you why. After 15 bed registrations we stop the registration process.



You can register by coping all the questions which are listed below and filling out all the answers
and send them via Email to:


(or:  faerietreffen@hotmail.com)

1. Your Email (required):

2. Faerie Name …and/or What is your actual Name?

3. Mobile phone number (required)

4. Where are you from (country, city) ?

5. Skills and workshops… If there are any skills you have to share, or a workshop that you would like to organize, let us know so we can help organize this for you.

6. What day and time will you arrive in Hévíz  (or Keszthely Train Station)?

7. What day and time will you leave Hévíz?

 8. Please tell us your wish in which bed you want to sleep. If you want to sleep only in a single bed or if you can also share a double bed or sofa bed or if you want to sleep on the ground with your sleeping bag or a matrass. (we try to fullfill all your wishes – but there is no garantee! – and you are aware of this!). If we get more than 15 registrations for beds, you will be placed on a waiting list and you will be informed.

a. I can share a double bed or a sofa bed

b. I only want to sleep in a single bed  …OR…

c. I can sleep on the ground (sleeping bag, matrass)

9. Are you Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, Celiac or otherwise eating gluten free?

10. …or do you have any other Needs?

11. Do you know how you will donate? Please tell us, if you have already paid or if you will pay soon to by Bank Transfer to the Austrian bank account, or if you pay Cash on arrival.  This time you can choose from two categories for payment if you want to sleep in a bed (€ 150,-), or if you want to donate more (€ 200,-) – then the probability to get a single bed (if you wish it) is bigger.

My Contribution is:


12. Payment Information:

Please transfer the registration costs of your choice to:

Bank Name: 12000 Bank Austria

Account Name: “Austrian Faeries”

IBAN: AT811200010001670073

BIC (swift code): BKAUATWW

Reference: “Faerie Beacon + the name you registered”

As soon as the money is on the account, you will get an email with the confirmation that you get a bed (if you at least paid € 150 or 200,–) or you are part of the gathering. Before the gathering you will also get our gathering newsletter.

We are looking forward to you.



This Faerie Beacon Gathering is part of the larger vision of extending Faerie reach to the East.

For our take on what being a Radical Faerie is, please visit: http://radicalfaeries.at/welcome/

More information on the location and its beauty: http://www.lakeheviz.com/

If you want more news about this gathering visit the Website of the Austrian Faeries:


You will find a link also via

https://www.facebook.com/Faerie Beacon Gathering


With love, hugs and faerie kisses…

Follow every rainbow… till you find your dream!

Blessed be!



Először a gyógyulási folyamatot közé tartozik. Készüljön fel az 1. liliom Tündérország Gathering Hungary 2016!


To start the healing process in Hungary.

Looking forward and sending hugs to you all!

Mata Hari, Red Rose and Liminal Baby

(for the gathering Team)




Please send this call also your Faerie friends!

We are UNITY ! We are ONE tribe !