Travelling there

We have gathered some information to make it easier for you to travel to the Venue. Travelling in a foreign country can be difficult though! So please don’t hesitate to directly contact the organisers of the gathering you are attending, or seek us out via any of our communication channels.

You can reach the venue entirely on your own, but we will try to pick you up from the nearest train station, Bischofshofen, if we have faeries with cars available. Please let us know when you arrive in Bischofshofen, so we can organise a ride for you.


The Hochkönig Venue is called “Mitterbergalm“. Its address is Mandlwandstrasse 106, A-5505 Muehlbach, Österreich.

Arriving via Car 🚗

Tauernautobahn A 10 ca. 50 km in the direction of Villach, exit Bischofshofen, 15 km local road to Mühlbach in the direction of Mandlwandstrasse.

Arriving via public transport ✈️

Travelling via public transport is quite comfortable and affordable in Austria.

All your public transport can be planned from the OEBB Website. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have troubles planning your trip. It is recommended, that you book all your tickets in advance, to prevent any stress while travelling.

Should you not be able to buy all of your tickets in advance, make sure to buy your tickets from the ticket machines, not from the personal in trains, as they will be considerably more expensive.

🚂 get to Bischofshofen via Train

Most faeries who travel from outside Austria usually arrive via train or plain in Salzburg. You can get from the Airport to the main-station, Salzburg Hautbahnhof rather easily. From there, you can catch the next train that stops in Bischofshofen.

Trains go into this direction very frequently, so you should not have any troubles finding a train that takes you there.

🚎 get to Mühlbach am Hochkönig via Bus

Once you have arrived in Bischofshofen, follow the signs to the bus stop and catch a bus that stops in Mühlbach am Hochkönig Neubaubrücke. That’s usually the bus line 590.

🚎 get to Mitterbergalm via Bus

This is your last stop. In Mühlbach, switch to the bus that takes you to Mühlbach am Hochkönig Mandlwandhaus. That’s usually the bus line SKI.

This bus will take you up a beautiful, scenic road to Mitterbergalm. Enjoy the ride!

🚕 You can also get a Taxi

Many faeries travel to Bischofshofen and take a taxi from there to Mitterbergalm. If you do so, just let us know when your train arrives in Bischofshofen and we’ll order a taxi for you to pick you up from the station.