Mitterberghaus Venue

We have been gathering at Hochkönig, since 2013. It took a while to find this venue! Here we are introducing you to this lovely place. We have also set up separate pages about activities & travelling there.

Heads up! For the 4th. “Sound of Faeries” Gathering, we’ll gather at an alternative Venue, the “Mitterbergalm”. If you want to inform yourself about that, klick here.

About the Venue

120 years ago our hostel was a sleeping place for miners, so it’s very basic inside. Our house is situated in a semi-secluded location on a large flat meadow that can be used for camping, making a fire-ritual, drumming all night or hold serene outdoor workshops.

The Hostel is a hut very typical to this region of Austria in the Alps. Please note that smoking is not permitted inside the house. The inside is mostly wooden, looks and feels very rustic. And of course faeries know how to sprinkle their magic on such a beautiful canvas.

There is a tiny cabin, just outside next to the main building. We usually have a second outdoor love temple there, but it can also serve as a place for talks, heart circles, workshops or a place to retreat to when you want to be on your own.

about nudity

The meadow is semi-secluded. People will not appear on a regular basis, but the owners of the hostel live there and there is a hiking trail going through the meadow. Nudity is permitted, but we cannot guarantee that it will be only faeries witnessing your nature-given beauty.


The venue’s large kitchen is modern and capable of serving up to 60 people. Cooking can be a beautifully, co-created activity, filled with music, laughter and comforting smells. We even have our very walkable fridge room inside an already very cool larder, including a very large freezer.

Red Rose posing with the sacred ladle of Backerbsen Suppe

Even for washing up we can use a very effective washing station that is fully automatic – all that’s left to do is let the washed dishes dry!


There are two large shower rooms with 9 showers each! There is hot water from the morning until evening, so faeries can be as squeaky clean as they desire!

so clean!


The hostel provides us with up to 80 beds inside, though you can bring your own tent or mobile home if you want to (but please inform us if you do so!). The bedrooms are partially equipped with sinks and they hold between 1 and 4 beds at a time and spread from the 1st to the 3rd floor. All of the rooms have a very distinct austrian-alpine charme, as all of the furniture is wooden and the floor is too.

Please bring your own bedsheets (for the mattress, blanket & pillow). If you can’t do that, you can rent it from the owners for a one time fee of € 8,-.

about accessibility

The Venue is very old and features steep stairs and steps that unfortunately make the venue inaccessible for wheelchair users.

Ritual & Feast

The ballroom serves as our main gathering room. We use it as the dining hall, workshop space, rituals, the no-talent show, the auction and whatever other purpose faeries give to it!

It’s our largest room and it has a small chamber at the end of it that normally hosts our altar but can also serve as a small private space for massages, energy work or other small activities.

On the 3rd floor is a large dormitory that we are using as a heart circle room. We usually lay it out with mattresses, cushions and blankets so faeries can relax and share from the heart. As an additional bonus, the room remains rather cool in the bonus.

faeries gathered to make beautiful sounds in the heart circle room