The Call – Yoohoo!

Dear Fairy friend I call to thee take my hand and walk with me, up the mountain royally.

We call  for the intergalactical 4th “Sound Of Faeries” Gathering 15 – 25th August 2020 in the Austrian Alps, at Hochkönig, near Salzburg, on Planet Earth. So once more we welcome you for a summer of love, light and laughter that will change your life.

Our Themes this year will include:
Community, Inclusion, Set our Roots in Radical Faerie History and grow into the Radical Future Faeries.

As we have done in the years past, we will gather at the glen of the Hochkönig mountain massif with an enchanted forest, in Salzburg. This time around, we are exploring an entirely charming new Venue at 1420 meters high!

This place is home to breathtaking vistas, crystal clear drinking water coming directly from the mountains glacier and the sound of distant cowbells, grassing on the meadows nearby.

Sadly we could only manage to have the Venue from the 15th to the 22nd to ourselves. On the 22nd another group  will arrive and inhabit the third House. So we will glitter on till the 25th with Muggle company.

So we invite all Radical Faeries, with one or multiple genders and with, or none sexual craving (Queers, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Dragons, Pixis, Rocks, Shruberrys, Bosnickel, Muggles and many more), from everywhere to join us for our intergalactic gathering! Enjoy the alpine mountains, filled with creativity, healing, faerie magic, rocks, alpine glow, community, Trees, hugs, Giants, kisses and whatever else you decide to make it to be!

What to expect

A radical faerie gathering! If you have never been to such a gathering, please inform you!

  • two comfortable, clean and very rustic alpine Cottages, 1420 meters high,  with a direct view on the Hochkönig massif and a swimming pool!
  • Picturesque hiking routes, forests, meadows and even a waterfall. This is all accessible from our venue.
  • This is a drug- & alcohol-free gathering.
  • Many Heart Circles, plenty of Workshops, a “No Talent Show”, an auction, rituals, magic and a firepit that is often at the center of nights filled with music under a starry sky.
  • An in- and outdoor lovetemple – for all kinds of loving faerie magic.
  • If you like to camp, the nights are chilly (15 to 25 degrees) but there is enough space to pitch a few tents.
  • Unfortunately, no pets are allowed at the gathering. Only cows allowed!

Creating Faerie Space

As we gather, we build, find or create community. We aim to connect to each other via our hearts. We may form bonds that are lasting and that reach all over the planet with individuals who we would not have met otherwise. It is  a sacred place beyond the physical plane in a space you can not touch. 

Faerie space is loosely organized. Nobody can truly tell what’s going to happen and faeries are encouraged to contribute to this space in their own, unique way. Such a space becomes only navigable in unity.

There is no faerie gathering without each others contribution. Together, we can create  a space for us to heal, to belong, to love, to be intimate, to grow, to share and to be the one in all and all in one. To make this work we need to learn about:


So let’s strive to become aware of each others boundaries, to not just respect them but to meet them with gratitude. Consent is complex and needs to be negotiated. We are reminded to not assume consent for certain interactions with faeries we meet at the gathering. We are also reminded, that the subject of consent is not limited to sexual interactions. This subject deserves its own, dedicated space to talk about. As organisers, we are making a conscious effort to provide access to relevant information in various forms to faeries before, after and during the gathering.

Radical Inclusion

This Faerie space is a queer space. As our understanding of faerie space has evolved, so have the people who shaped it. We are creating a  space that is radically inclusive. Our space is open to all living Beings, but remember my freedom ends where another one ́s beginning. 

We are making an effort in being conscious about the diversity of expression and identity within faerie space, so we try not to make assumptions about each other. Instead we open up our hearts and we listen and grow in a way that allows everyone who hears the call faerie magic to also take ownership of this faerie space.


Faerie space is first and foremost collaboratively created, co-created. This means that everyone needs to put an effort into contributing to keeping it functional. Food needs to be prepared, dishes need to be washed, people need to be hugged, nails need to be painted, rocks need to be arranged artistically and toilets need to stay clean. 

This is just as much a contribution as facilitating heart circles, managing the auction, mowing the lawn and offering workshops. These responsibilities are distributed amongst everyone.

Make Magic Happen

Do you want to organise a ritual, or an event at the gathering? Would you like to help us organise this gathering? Would you  like to prune the Shrubbery ? What about helping in the kitchen or even act once as the Kitchen Queen? Maybe you would like to throw a ball? We are grateful for all the help we can get!

Privacy & Nudity

The venue’s capacity is distributed amongst three buildings. We were able to rent the two main buildings. From the 22th on though, the third house will be occupied by another group of families. There is also a hiking trail that starts from our main Building. So privacy is limited, but available. For this same reason, we ask faeries to limit nudity to the insides, balconies and our protected “faerie meadow” for circles, workshops and relaxation.

Want to join?

  1. Registration is open from the 13th of February.
  2. From there on, you can register online.
  3. Once you have registered, you will receive updates regarding this gathering via email.
  4. We’ll send out a second call at the beginning of March that will include more detailed information about the gathering, including payment!
  5. We employ a NOTAFLOF (No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funding) policy.
  6. That’s it! And on the 15th of August, we’ll see you on Hochkönig!

Connect with us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an email to We are also happy about any of your co-created efforts that you are willing to make! 

Until then – faerie Hugs & Kisses from your Organizers:
Freedom, Kalinda, Mata Hari, Red Rose, Serenade, Vervain 

Follow every rainbow … till you find your dreams! There is no gold at the end, I checked. Blessed be!