COVID Concept (English)

(VERSION 1 in English), 10.5.2021

The concept is based on the regulations valid in summer 2020. At the time being the new regulations for summer 2021 are not yet published; especially it is not yet known which measures may be lifted or relaxed for vaccinated persons. The final concept can therefore only be published in the days before the gathering.

Current measures against COVID19 in Austria ( FAQ: Einreise nach Österreich ( )

Our COVID19 concept is based on the fact, that the participants of the gathering will form an almost “closed* group for ten days. This with a few exceptions, such as the daily purchase of produce and food products. Provided that on the first day no infectious person will have arrived, the later introduction of COVID19 is highly improbable. Thus, if all the non-immunised persons  are tested on the first day and the fifth day, we can be almost sure of having a corona-free gathering and the precautionary measures can be lifted or at least loosened, within the valid legal requirements at the time.

The concept is based on a maximum of 35 participating Faeries (20 in a sub-variation).

At the given moment, the concept may have to be presented to the local health authorities. The final concept can be published after their approval.

  1. Conditions of participation

In order that you can enjoy a COVID-free gathering and to being able to loosen the precautionary measures from the sixth day on, the participants must be either

  • fully vaccinated (Schengen, British or Israeli green pass, WHO international certificate of vaccination or a national vaccination certificate of their residential country in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian or German.
  • able to prove with a medical certificate or test, that they have recovered from Corona within a period no longer than three months before the gathering.
  • able to show on arrival a negative test result not older than 72 hours in case of a PCR-test or not older than 48 hours in case of an antigen-test. For Faeries not having a test, we will facilitate testing on the site (August 14, at …. o’clock). Furthermore, unvaccinated Faeries should agree to undergo another test on the fifth day.

So that we can loosen the COVID19 restrictions from the sixth day on it will be essential, that all the unvaccinated Faeries will arrive on Saturday August 14 and that they are willing to undergo a second test on august 19.

Provided that all the Fairies are either vaccinated, recovered, or tested twice, the precautionary measures can be lifted from the sixth day on at least inside the two houses and on the outdoor areas, not visible from outside.

An arrival later than Saturday August 14 is therefore only possible for vaccinated and recovered Faeries.

On the second last day we shall organise a voluntary possibility to make another test. You may need it to take a plane and/or to return to your country.

The participating Faeries do agree to disclose on their arrival the following personal data, to be included into the compulsory and confidential contact-tracing-list, required by the Austrian Government:

  • Mundane Name, Surname (according to the passport or identity card)
  • Verified mobile number
  • Address
  • E-Mail
  • COVID-Status (vaccinated, recovered, tested)

In case of an infection, the contact-tracing data have to be handed over to the health authorities. It will be delated after 30 days und being treated strictly confidentially.

  • 2 Living together in fixed groups

During the first five days, living groups of five to ten Faeries are to be formed. They will live together and eat at the same tables. Within the members of those groups the precautionary measures may be handled in a more flexible way, in consent between the members.

  • Vaccinated and recovered Faeries will live in the main house
  • Unvaccinated Faeries having a negative Corona test will live in the annexe.
  • Should a Faerie be tested positively, he*she will have to go to isolation in a single room, according to the instructions of the responsible health authorities.

During the first five days, if the groups are mixing up in the outdoor areas, social distancing (1.5 metres) is to be respected. If this is permanently not possible, masks are to be used. During mixed activities in the house, masks are to be used in any case.

The Love Temple will be opened on the sixth day with a ceremony. After its use everybody is requested to clean and disinfect it.

Sub variation: In case of 20 or less participating Faeries, all the groups will be living in the main house. In that case the precautionary measures, such as wearing mask, and social distancing would have to be strictly followed in all the public areas of the house during the first five days (until the second test).

  • 3. Accommodation

Based on the availability, the unvaccinated Faeries will be accommodated in single rooms, pairs in double rooms, groups travelling together in dormitories. This will be in the annex in case of more than 20 participants, in a part of the main house in case of 20 or less participants.

The vaccinated Faeries will be accommodated in the dormitories of the main house, within their living groups (two to three dorms per group). Between the beds a minimal distance of 1.5 m is guaranteed. Preferably the windows should be kept open at night-time.

The regulations valid for hostels at the time of the gathering will be abided by at the gathering.

  • 4. Kitchen and meals

Cooking is possible in both the houses, what may be useful during the first five days, for example in the case of cold weather (to be discussed at the organizational cercle).

In the kitchen the precautionary measures for restaurants are to be taken into account: Masks are to be used, hands are to be washed regularly with soap or disinfected, food is to be carefully sampled (each time a fresh spoon), long hairs are to be put up and/or covered under a net.

Purchasing of food in the village and the town is only done be vaccinated Faeries.

Weather permitting, meals are taken in the communal tent (within the groups at tables of no more than six Faeries), in the private tent or under the sky (free sitting at the tables, a contact tracing form is to be filled in). In the case of cold weather, meals are taken in the two houses, within the groups at tables of no more than six Faeries. These restrictions are valid for the first five days, from the sixth day on there is free sitting also in the tent and the houses (a contact tracing form is to be filled in).

During the first five days no buffets are permitted, food is either to be collected at an issuing desk or to be served at the tables (decision to be made by the kitchen queen). For breakfast, the requested food items are to be marked with a cross in a form on the eve. The kitchen team will prepare the individual plates. The can than be collected at the issuing desk.

  • 5. Face masks

We will have to abide the precautionary measures valid for hotels at the time of the gathering. These are presently the following:

  • In all public areas inside the house face masks are compulsory. They can be removed after sitting down at the table.
  • During workshops in the house no masks are to be worn, provided that all the participating Faeries are belonging to the same living group.
  • In the outside areas, face masks are only to be used if the minimal distance of 1.5m can permanently not be hold.

From the sixth day on the obligation to wear mask may silently and in consent be lifted, provided that no Faerie has been positively tested on the fifth day.

  • 6. Workshops, Heart-Cercles und group activities

During the first five days, all the common activities will be organized outside the house, weather permitting. If they are hold inside the house, a contact-tracing-list is to be established and the precautionary measures described under point 5 are to be the followed.

The big events inside the house, such as a dancing party, the no-talent-show and the action will be planned for the second half of the gathering (after the second testing).

  • 7. Quarantine

Should a Faerie have to isolate him*herself by order of the competent Austrian health authorities, he*she may do so in a single room provided on the site of the gathering. This no longer than until the end of the gathering (August 24, 11.00h). Afterwards he*she would have to organize his*her quarantine on his*her own responsibility.

All the participants do agree with their registration to observe possible orders of the Austrian health authorities concerning quarantine and other precautionary measures against CIVIDS19.

  • 8. Implementation

Responsible person with professional training: Red Rose (graduated medical nurse with long professional expertise in Austria and Germany)

Deputy and support: Kalinda (experience in the elaboration and implementation of precautionary concepts against COVID19)


Vaccinated Faerie: A Faerie having received both doses of a vaccine approved by the Government of Austria (Johnson Johnson: One dose).

Recovered Faerie: A Faerie who has recovered from a COVID19-infection no later than three months before the gathering (may be soon augmented to six months) and can prove this by presenting a medical attest or a test-result by a certified laboratory.

Tested Faerie: A Faerie, who has got a negative test result, accepted by the Government of Austria, which is at the time of arrival at the gathering site not older than 72 hours in case of a PCR-test or 48 hours in case of an antigen-test.