The CALL for the 4th “Sound of Faeries” Gathering at Hochkönig from August 14-24, 2021 is OUT now!

You can find the links on this page!

REGISTRATION started May 10th, 2021 via FAENET / Gatherings (with automatical registration emails) or via our website AND IS STILL POSSIBLE!

There are about 5-8 places left (Maximum 40 people inside!). So be quick!

For Radical Faeries, the main way of coming together, communicating and co creating faerie space are gatherings. Gatherings can take many forms and there is not a set definition for this terminology – it is when faeries gather to create faerie space.

In these hard times of Corona there are online heart circles, “Global KNow- Talent Shows” and meditation sessions going on at ZOOM all over the place global and in Austria. All you have to do to experience all this wonderful radical faerie magic, just participate. We’ll try to gather all information regarding global online activities on a dedicated page on We’ll keep you posted!

You can also write to: to get actual Information or you subscribe for the monthly Faerie Newsletter of the Radical Faeries Vienna Austria or join our Whats App Group if we know you already


These are the places gatherings we organise usually frequent.

“Mitterberghaus” Hochkönig, Austria

This is a self-managed hostel, above 1000 meters in the Salzburger Alps, near Hochkönig. It provides up to 80 beds and people can also sleep in a tent outside.

“Mitterbergalm” Hochkönig, Austria

This is an alternative Venue, just a few meters up the road from the Mitterberghaus. It is a complex of two houses and a main house. It is closer to nature and features a pool.

Heviz, Hungary

In the colder times of the year, we sometimes organise smaller gatherings in Heviz Hungary, like the Waterlillies Gathering or the Faeriebeacon Gatherings.

Vienna, Austria

We sometimes have small gatherettes in the city. They are very small but powerful non the less. They usually happen in June.

Looking for new venues!

We are looking for new opportunities, new venues, new places! Do you know something that speaks to you? It doesn’t matter if 10 or 100 people can gather. Please let us know, if you have a place that just yells out yohoooo!