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Registration form

Registration form for the 3rd “Sound of Faeries” Gathering Austria 2018


Please fill out as much as possible, as it will make things a lot easier for the team to organise. If you have any question, feel free to contact us:

At the moment the Traveling Information button Arrival Date and the Departure Date on the Registration form do not work correctly (it still says Aug 2015). So please fill in your Arrival and Departure Dates ONLY in the second line where it says Arrival Time (or tell us in a separate Email when you will arrive exactly).


Gathering donations are suggested in a range of 250-350 Euros for the whole gathering depending on ability (€ 35 p.p./d is our break-even point). The Contribution of € 450 mentioned at the end of the Payment Instructions was from the 10-days gathering in 2015 and has to be changed for 2018.

But no sorrow –

Your Registration will arrive at our Queer Registrar 2018!

The correct Registration Form 2018 will hopefully work soon!

and please check your Junk Mail Box about the automatic Registration-Email (which maybe still says 2015!)

About you

Your Email (required):
Faerie Name. Some people have a faerie name; if you have one, write it here 🙂
...and/or What is your name?
Mobile phone number. Sometimes it is helpful to contact faeries who are traveling to Hochkönig. (required)
Where are you from?
Skills and workshops… If there are any skills you have to share, or a workshop that you would like to organize, let us know so we can help organize this for you.

Traveling Information

What day will you arrive at Hochkönig? Will arrive at (eg 2015-08-15):
If traveling by train to Bischofshofen, what time is your arrival?
Do you need a pick-up for you by car or by shared taxi-bus:

 Yes, I need a pick-up No, I don't need a pickup
What day will you leave Hochkönig? Planning to leave at (eg 2015-08-25)
When you leave, do you need a shared-taxi to the trainstation and when?

 No, I take my own taxi Yes, I would like a shared Taxi. I plan to leave at:

Sleeping & Eating

Sleeping: There are enough beds in the house. But you also can bring your rainproof tent. Do you like to sleep in the house or will you bring your own tent?

 I will bring my own tent I would like to sleep in a bed inside
Are you Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, Celiac or otherwise eating gluten free?

 vegetarian vegan lactose-intolerant gluten-free
...or do you have any other needs? Please let us know:


Do you know how you will donate? Please tell us, if you have already paid or if you will pay soon to by Bank Transfer to the Austrian bank account, or if you pay Cash on arrival.

 I already paid I will pay in cash on arrival I will pay soon by bank transfer
Do you know how much you will donate for your stay? This helps with budgeting, but if you don’t know that is OK. Gathering donations are suggested in a range of 250-450 Euros for the whole gathering depending on ability (€ 35 p.p./d is our break-even point). My Contribution is:

 250 € 350 € 450 € More (custom contribution)

Submit your registration here:


Payment Information


Please transfer the registration costs of your choice to:

Bank Name: 12000 Bank Austria
Account Name: “Austrian Faeries”
IBAN: AT811200010001670073
BIC (swift code): BKAUATWW
Reference; “AUSTRIA 2018 + the name you registered”

Your registration is only final after we received the amount due at our bank account. If you inform us before it is also possible to pay cash on Arrival.

Your actual Registration-Email says “Sound of Gathering” 2015 – of Course we mean 2018! We work on the correction.


Please visit the Website more often, as it will be updated regularly with new information about the Gathering. Some weeks before the Gathering you will get newsletters with more informations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

With Faerielove,

The Queen Registrar