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Although we hope it will be a hot summer, bring rain gear and warm clothing , especially if you wish to stay in your own tent. On the other hand don’t forget towels and other essentials for the open-air (outdoor) swimming pool in the nearby village of Mühlbach.

Warm clothes (lots of Drag, but no high heels!) for the possible ‘ICE CAVE tour’ would also be a bonus. In addition it will be worth considering bringing a torch/flashlight as some paths from the house to the tent go through the forest and are only lit by moonlight.
We have already planned some delicious dinner menus. Red Rose will be kitchen Goddess who is responsible for the shopping list requirements and will pass on the responsibility for each cooked meal to a “Mom and her team”. Please let us know with your booking if you wish to be one of the kitchen moms. All faeries will be expected to cook and clean. People with special needs (allergies, diets etc.), should tell us well in advance so that we can take this into consideration.

As for atmosphere and decoration, faerie veterans know that we need to bring lots of colourful fabrics to decorate the circle room and altar. Dressing up is a big part of the faerie experience (for some faeries) so please bring costumes, drag, wigs, make-up, – in fact anything that will make you look fabulous (for yourself and others). CD players, drums, keyboards and other instruments also help add to the event.

And last but not least:  don’t forget your favourite LEDERHOSEN!

And please, take back what you brought!



•Although a lot of different languages will be spoken, the main language of the gathering is English.
•As with previous gatherings, beer and wine will be on sale.
•We recommend coming for the whole week as shorter stays do affect the gathering’s dynamics of trust, intimacy and fabulousness.

Contact us “before 5th July 2018″ if you are coming -Email us :

so that we can send you Infos about how to get to the gathering, etc.

We are also @facebook: 

7-14July 2018:


We’ll setup an e-mail group through which participants can communicate before the gathering. If you do not wish to be on this list and prefer to keep your e-mail address private please let us know with your registration. There you can discuss workshops you’d like to experience in the gathering and you can announce which workshops you would like to organize. We’ll also setup a special Facebook group with only access to those who have already registered.

There will be more pre-gathering Emails ( Newsletters )  to all Participants who have already registered with all the gathering-details like health-care, transportation, etc.

To safeguard quality and comfort at the gathering we like to limit the number of participants to about 80. So please make your registration final as soon as possible, by transferring the gathering fee. We also would like ask you to stay during the whole gathering.

If you want to bring your pet, please inquire with the organizers before you make your registration final. (Dogs are not allowed at the gathering) Food will be vegetarian and/or vegan.


We, as organizers of this gathering, feel it’s important to announce this intention now, so you can make up your mind. We create community via mutual support, cooperation, love and trust. Please remember that a faerie gathering is not only a playground, it can also be a place of personal and spiritual growth, and a chance to develop and discover more deeply what gay identity and the responsibility to the universe means.

Please note that whilst the organisers of this event take reasonable care to provide a safe environment for you, the circumstances of the event and the nature of the activities is such that people will often try out new activities or take risks which the organisers cannot foresee. * As a participant you assume responsibility for your own safety and should exercise due care. By choosing to attend this event we will assume that you understand and accept this.


Let’s all help together that the gathering will be fantastic!