Faerie BEACON Gathering Hévíz, Hungary, Dec 25, 2017 – Jan 1, 2018

Faerie BEACON Gathering 2017

  Hévíz, Hungary

(2nd Waterlilies Gathering)


December 25, 2017 – January 1, 2018

Faeriebeacon Gathering X-Mas 2017







“She wears strength and darkness equally well;

The girl has always been half goddess, half hell.”

(Nikita Gill)


Faerie Beacon Gathering Report (by Mata Hari):

It was an incredible Faerie year 2017 for us and it was a worthy completion in this Beacon Gathering. After 4 gatherings, each with over 120 people, I was really glad that at the end of the year the smallest took place with only 8 participants, whereby 2 faeries of them were from Asia, namely one from Laos, who lives in Paris and Gran Canaria and one from China, who lives in Norway and one was from Hungary living in Barcelona. With such a small gathering we could concentrate on essentials, namely healing water, relaxation, personal contact, exchange of ideas, connection with nature, care of our physical well-being, dealing with conflicts and focusing on our topic: the mission of our beacon. The Gatherring was perfectly organized and our house met our needs exactly. When we needed a doctor, he was immediately on hand, the dining could not be better, the sun was almost always shining and lit up the Christmas time in this nice Hungarian resort. We made Heart Circles, discussed Gay Essentials and Radical Faggotterie, visited the organic farmers market and swam as often as we could in the wonderfully warm thermal lake of almost 34 degrees. We were not the only ones there, but that did not bother us, because there were still enough neat “Mermen” in the dark water of the lake to watch. The work stress of the past few months did me health problems, but it was also a test for all of us and we could still experience wonderful things: such as a sample of a New Year’s concert in the castle Keszthely with our “little bird” as we called him, a young hypersensitive brilliant sweet singer who warmed our hearts, the most amazing Hungarian pastries, and on New Year’s Eve a deeply moving no-talent show, followed by an outdoor closing ritual before midnight, where each one of us let his big luminous paper lantern rise into the sky with a burning candle and with good wishes and thoughts for the Sanctuaries and the Radical Faeries worldwide, for our future Gatherings and our souls. That alone made our trip unforgettable. As if spellbound, I watched my beacon rise in front of me and disappear into the darkness of the New Year to reveal our idea and our light to the world. We wanted peace in our hearts – so we longed for all of us. Yes, and on the last day, Mata, Red, and Lucifer fell into each other’s arms, we had really done it, despite all the health-related difficulties – has the beacon taken place – and we’ve gained new hope.



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