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DRAGula Gathering 2017 Registration

Fill out this form to register for the gathering. Please give us as much information as you can to help us keep organized. But don’t worry if there is something you can’t answer. Thanks for your help!

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you need help or if you have any questions:


About you

Your Email (required):
Faerie Name. Some people have a faerie name; if you have one, write it here 🙂
...and/or What is your actual name?
Mobile phone number. Sometimes it is helpful to contact faeries in advance. (required)
Where are you from?
Skills and workshops… If there are any skills you have to share, or a workshop that you would like to organize, let us know so we can help organize this for you.

Traveling Information

What day and time will you arrive in Vale or Sibiu Station? (If you arrive at Sibiu Airport, tell us your arrival time for a pick up - If you know already): Will arrive at (eg 2017-08-19, at 12am)
What day and time will you leave Vale? (For Sibiu Airport, we can bring you there - If you know already.) Planning to leave at (eg 2017-08-27, at 2pm)


Will you stay in a bed, on the ground or in a tent? Tell us your wish; There are only 20 sleeping places in the house so far (15 beds, 5 on the ground). If you want a bed, you need to pay at least € 200,- in advance. If we get more than 15 registrations for beds, you will be placed on a waiting list.

 I will bring my own tent I would like to sleep in a bed inside I want to sleep inside on the ground
Are you Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, Celiac or otherwise eating gluten free?

 vegetarian vegan lactose-intolerant gluten-free
...or do you have any other needs? Please let us know:


Do you know how you will donate? Please tell us, if you have already paid or if you will pay soon to by Bank Transfer to the Austrian bank account, or if you pay Cash on arrival.

 I already paid I will pay in cash on arrival I will pay soon by bank transfer
This time you can choose from two categories for payment: with bed (€200,-), or without bed (€50,-). My Contribution is:

 200 € 50 € More (custom contribution)

Submit your registration here:




Payment Information

Please transfer the registration costs of your choice to:

Bank Name: 12000 Bank Austria Account Name: “Austrian Faeries”
IBAN: AT811200010001670073
BIC (swift code): BKAUATWW
Reference; “Dragula 2017 + the name you registered”

As soon as the money is on the account, you will get an email with the confirmation that you get a bed (if you at least paid € 200,–) or you are part of the gathering. Before the gathering you will also get our gathering newsletter.

We are looking forward to you.