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Dear faerie brothers and sisters,

If we get the chance this year again we the undersigned would buy this wonderful land, LEOs Land, and would hand it over for preservation to an association called “OPEN LAND Hadres” such as in Folleterre the “friends of Folleterre” or “Nomenus” at Wolf Creek to create our dream for you there.
Our goal to provide this land for the faeries in Central and Eastern Europe as a Sanctuary.

We are ONE Tribe!

Thanx so much for all your support!

Mata Hari, Bobbie Joe, Rurtaler and Red Rose

(for the Radical Faeries Austria)



Lass die Sonne wieder scheinen!


I hope you’ll become stronger than before.

More determined to reach what you want, darlings.


Never give up,

Stay together.







Faeries at NO WhereElsLand



“Across the planet a network of radical faerie groups have established sanctuaries of queer spirit – places where anyone can go to be in nature, explore and play, creating community. Sometimes these are temporary spaces, sometimes they are permanent homes where our unique spirit can grow. At these sanctuaries we get the chance to reconnect to source, feel our oneness with the elements, know love as a primal energy that connects us all and recharge ourselves, fill up with good energy and boost the light that we bring to the world,

IN AUSTRIA IN SUMMER 2013 there were both temporary and a new permanent manifestation of faerie love. Europe is about to be home to a second faerie sanctuary, 8 years after the inauguration of Folleterre in the Vosges mountains of north eastern France, came the Kissing Awake of Wienviertal Sanctuary (pictured), a new faerie home in Austria, generously opened up to us all by the landowner, El. Ceremonials to kiss awake the new land happened 15-16 August and were followed by a faerie trek west across the country to the Sound of Music territory of Salzburg where around 60 faeries  met for the first full 10 day Austrian Gathering.”

Written by shokti in GayLifeLoveandLiberation and Mata Hari


SEE the first videos about the Faerie SANCTUARY in AUSTRIA on YOUTUBE (more will follow):




PAST EVENTS in 2015:


SommerfestOPEN HOUSE  

open house, open land, feuer, grün, tralala!!!
am samstag 18.7. gab es open air kino am lagerfeuer:
die brandneue radical faerie docuvaganza:
Die Feen von Hadres (oder Symbiofaerietaxiplasm)
inclusiver der vielbesungenen BlackPantha-Bambi-Performance!
grüße, küsse
noch fragen, wünsche, anregungen?
17th to 19th july
the annual open house summer event in weinviertel:
open house, open land, fire, green, tralala!!!
on saturday 18th we had the open air screening of the
brand new radical faerie docuvaganza by the bonfire:
Symbiofaerietaxiplasm (oder Die Feen von Hadres)
including the famous BlackPantha-Bambi-Performance!
greetings, hugs & kisses,
further questions, wishes, suggestions?
just email:




In 2014 we were celebrating a beautiful BELTANE ritual, had a magical SUMMER SOLSTICE,  3 Community weeks and some gatherettes, more news you get via our newsletters.


13.-21. September 2014: AUTUMN COMMUNITY WEEK

+ financial circle

Reports to be followed


if you are planing to come to the land just

let us know:

– when do you want to come?

– how long do you want to stay?

– ideas, wishes, plans for activities & projects?

– other questions, wishes, needs?

we share the work & the costs for food &

we ask a donation for the general costs & for the place.

we suggest to give 10€/day,

but ask you to give what you can & what fits for you.*

we are looking forward to hear from you & to see you!


much love,

(to participate please just Email to:

or directly to el:





Only with the heart man understands humans. To
unite the bipolarity, diversity and fragmentation of the Faeries worldwide, in
Europe and Austria – that was my wish for the Summer Solstice 2014.

I felt pretty beaten and torn before -. So
many want something from me – privately and publicly, that you also have to endure!
But I had received peace and serenity in my heart from the Heart Circles, which
I visited this year at the Gathering in Father Stone and Short Mountain. I need
feel free with the Faeries, otherwise I’m not me, otherwise I cannot be there.
The most important is to be with the Faeries with joy and to let someone be as
he is: To love and to accept: friendship, longing for nature! Not wanting to
impose constantly someone’s opinion or to be immediately injured whenever
someone disagrees.

To be able to experience the here and now – what nature has to offer, is a real
gift. These wonderful bird voices! One has to invent his mind over and over
again and not live in the deadlocked thoughts, as it was a 3 or 2 months. The
birds were very quiet during our sometimes rather noisy ritual the night before,
and now in morning sun they again beautifully like to chirp to. This is a gift
that makes grateful. This gratitude is nowhere desired or suggested in
civilization. I am grateful to the Faeries who have created this beautiful
patch of earth here in the last few days on the summer Community Week –
non-commercial and full of enthusiasm over the country! Enjoying the nature
without people, enjoying experience the ritual with friends in the evening,
even with a little too much fun and joke the beginning of the ritual. But the
dog Snoopy committed the ritual with fun, the young 6-year-old Alma and also
the 15-year-old Julian expressed their joy to start loudly. We realized that
not everything always have to go so devoutly and reluctant as in church. Faerie
spirit also has to do with Faerie fun – and in many moments it was still quite contemplative
in the course of the ritual – Simply Magic Moments! Especially in the station
around the maypole, which is so dear to us all to heart and has led us all to a
real tree hug addiction – a hug longing that has then continued at the Kissing
Awake bench which was call now without further ado “Hugging Awake bench”.
I also received thanks from Birgit, which was new to us, because I (along with
Pali from Bratislava) was conducting the Summer solstice ceremony, because
without a “master of ceremonies” this long and yet haunting beautiful
ritual in the Community week in calm pleasant night weather would not have happened
in our Sanctuary. My idea was that this ritual is a small – renewed Kissing
Awake ceremony from last year, mainly for the new ones in our circle, and they
were almost all new here except of me, Birgit and El. – As a thanksgiving for
the Sanctuary2b, we have designed and protected it this year, as it has protected
us. I was really excited about the idea as it has kept us together and this
further does – especially the Rurtaler are now in love with this piece of
wonder earth. They actually give very much their energy and soul to obtain it
and to spare it! So many wet eyes like yesterday I probably never saw before in
their faces, in part because they could witness a Heart Circle (before the
ritual) for the first time ever and it was really nice to be able to witness
that. Our two new women stayed until the end, even if they thought before, they
would go, if it could be too much for them. They stayed and opened their hearts
and it was just beautiful! After our Heart Circle we grilled tofu at the
campfire and Doro took a wonderful hot bath. Then I began our ritual around the
hot tube forming a communal circle and with thoughts to our friends all over
the world who were celebrating at the same moment. We called a loud Yoohoo into
the world! We began the solemn moments that led us to the stations of the last
Kissing Awake, as first the altar, and also to new stations such as our
Maypole, which we handed over all our wishes in the form of flowers and plants
from around the Sanctuary. Our most urgent wishes we finally transformed at the
last station, the fire! We enjoyed the fire singing of Faerie songs and finally
with our “Dear Friends Queer Friends”, specifically for our new friends!

It was a decent night with an intimate sense of community. Our first Heart
Circle Sanctuary this year finally could take place and we were all happy, even
if not all wishes came true right away that night for some. And this very
moment as I wrote this, the next morning on the sunny clearing of our Sanctuary,
I heard only 13 meters away from me a crackling sound in the forest – and I
could not believe what I saw now with my own eyes: Beside me I saw two deer
timberline climbing down  into our
Sanctuary. My biggest dream just came true, whereof I have always dreamed of
and Julian has already told me enthusiastically that this would be possible.
Yes, there really are these shy animals in our enchanted forest! That was for
me the greatest gift to be able to witness! Next to me! I come to tears. There
really are miracles!

What came after that I took with serenity and confidence. We picked up the many
wooden beams for the stage and the villa Kunterbunt, we will still lay on the
flat roof in the autumn Communnity Week. El told us about the financial situation
around the Sanctuary, which is really dramatic and has to be solved in the next
few months. We took a hot bath and we left the place of blessing, happy, contemplative,
but also with the knowledge that there is still a lot of work, cohesion and spirit
lies ahead. The sun was with us, hopefully we will too!

(Mata Hari)




beloved faeries and friends!

after the parade (saturday june 14th) most of us went to our land for the 2nd community week and much work was done:

we bought a lot of wood that we can use for our flat roof, new stage and Villa Kunterbunt  – that is the biggest project of all.

& important was also of course to keep making more space in the house, useable, better & more beautiful, for all of us & everyone who will come in the future.

& when we were lucky that the cherries riped ;-))), we have very many different cherry trees, & they all are ripe a bit sooner or later & all taste a bit different!!!

dorothea offered bodypainting, with making fotos.

& georg came thursday with a projector & showed the first version of the wonderful faerie-film, for that he & christian followed us last year in vienna & to our sanctuary & up to the hochkönig.

& there was also the opportunity to enjoy the summer, walking, hiking, biking, excursions with swimming in the river, fire & singing, heartcircles & rituals

& a wonderful summer solstice!



Financial EXCURSUS:

But we also realized that the Sanctuary will not survive without financial support and Donations to the running costs. Therefore, there will soon have to be a Financial Circle with all who believe in this wonderful land, at the latest at the Autumn Community Week in September, in which all the financial aspects have to be clarified so that the Sanctuary can survive. It will also be necessary that Faeries and friends participate in annual Donations to the ongoing costs incurred in any case, regardless of the Gatherettes. For this purpose the disclosure of all actual costs incurred is necessary – then our Sanctuary is backed up for the future.

We hope that will soon find a solution also at the European level and we are supported by the European faeries.

(the Radical Faeries Austria)


Getting enough Wood for our projects flat roof, new stage on Autumn Community week and restoration of Villa Kunterbunt in the next 2 years



report on the spring community week, april 11th – 22nd 2014 (by el):

now, at the end of may, the green is a deep, rich summer green. when we arrived for our first community week on the land, the new faerie sanctuary 2b, the buds of the leaves burst in tender spring green, blossoms coming up in colour. the first faeries arrived on friday 11 april. we were excited and happy and more joined us on saturday, including thorsten, birgit & alma, mata hari & julian. arriving and sensing and coming to know and sitting and singing in the sun and by the fire, that warmed us. and pali the bad dog rushed towards the bathtub that he had started to put up in fall, between the elements, beneath the central trees. he started to work and with help and awe and admiration it was tried out and, upon completion, water was filled in and fire was sparked off, and in a ritual, that bound the waters of folleterre with ours in alchemy the bathtub was consecrated.

ooohhh to lie in the tub and the whole body is getting warm and relaxed. the view, wide, in the green twigs, the blue sky, in time, dusk rising, owls, flying soundless, landing and flying, they breed in the old ivy-covered cherry tree next to the tub and a faerie or some more who are assisting, keeping the water at the temperature that is most pleasant, bringing drinks and food and entertainment, and generally try to make the dreams that we dare to dream come true…and even when i am, almost cocooned in my own paths of suffering, just spinning around myself: it is a different body experience, to do it while lying in the warm water, a different perspective, the view over the owls, through the leaves to the sky, amidst wonderful beings, flowing energy, faeriespirit&faeriemagic…

and of course, since then the bathtub was heated and used most of the days when faeries&friends were on the land. at the weekends we were about 10 people, during the week 4-6 people.

on monday the rurtaler arrived, herbert&robert, and with them a wondrous magical tornado of activity, with courage and power and initiative, to look at, start off and proceed with the big projects: the water impregnation of the circle room (the library) and the little roof next to the terrace…

o how much happened in all these days! we all came to know us a bit closer, ourselves and each other and learned a bit better to deal in all the twisted processes, with ourselves and with each other, to do and talk and communicate and plan…

with dorothea and thorsten the plan of a flat roof grew, a flat roof as an extension of the terrace that can be used as a stage! and thursday night again more faeries arrived and returned.

andi and matty the deer kept caring for the house from the inside: the libr ary and the upper floor. the flow of activities and recreation was flowing across the times and faeries and places:

sleeping in the sun, days work on the flat roof in spe, nights and drumming by the fire that transformed the remnants of the old rotten roof, night shifts and early hours to load the other, more unburnable parts of the roof and old, broken stuff from the upper floor on a tractor hanger and bring it to the garbage place to make more space for everyone.

alex, who had been with us and in faeriespace for the first time the weekend before, again pampered us with crépes, music and song. and saturday night, for easterfire and drumming, red rose joined us, the magnificent kitchen goddess from hochkönig on vacation!

monday some faeries made an excursion to naturepark thayatal. we were favored by the weather, only 2 or 3 times during the 12 days there where short showers of rain. it is impossible to count and list everything that occurred and came to pass, that we managed and where we moved and grew: because it is so much more that happened!





report on the walpurgis / beltane gatherette, april 30th –may 4th (by el):

only a bit more than a week later, on april 30, faeries&friends travelled again to the sanctuary 2b to celebrate walpurgis night / beltane. bastian and 5 wonderful friends arrived only shortly after red rose, kurt and me. the night held more magic than we thought and had hoped for. a buzzing around as the tents were set up while the witches circles started by the fire. and the time was twisted, and the night lasted until far into the next day. some hours of sleep in the morning sun were enough for me. even the first 12 hours of the gatherette were more recreation than some longer vacations…

nude dancing in the rain and warming up in the bathtub and the sun was back again. and more people arriving and new and different ones, and an excursion to znojmo.

every night we heard the baby owls, in different pitches, sound and places. as they were exercising there elegant hooting and just managing a cheep so far, clumsy down feather balls with big eyes, i feel so related as i learn and experience, so often, when i try to do an elegant hooting but I just end up in a squeeking cheep. in a wonderful ritual we put up the most beautiful maypole with ropes and ribbons between five trees in the forest and decorated it with the most important&colourful wishes the walpurgis / beltane gatherette was short but felt so much longer, in the best imaginable way.


15.-22. june 2014: SUMMER COMMUNITY WEEK

for all Faeries and friends who also liked to work on the land in summer (gardening, wood, Faerie Home) to create real Faerieland in connection with Mother Nature


21./ 22. Juni 2014:  SUMMER SOLSTICE at Sanctuary



13.-21. September 2014: AUTUMN COMMUNITY WEEK

for all Faeries and friends who also like to work on the land in autumn (gardening, wood, Faerie Home) to create real Faerieland in connection with Mother Nature


A small number of faeries is always welcome here

to celebrate, help and work on the land to create real faerieland.





23. -25 January 2014:

Glittering Purifying WINTERGatherette WEEKEND


Mother Goose at the Sanctuary


REPORT from the Glittering WINTERGATHERETTE (by Mata Hari)


The glittering PURIFYING Wintergatherette, the first faerie Gatherette in 2014 at the Weinviertel-Sanctuary started on Friday 24th January 2014 with a variety of faerie friends from all over Europe: like Mother Goose from London! (–we were very grateful!), Thorsten from Augsburg in Bavaria (new here! He needed some good healing energy), Dorothea (new too and very dynamic!) and Snow-wolf (who appeared every evening very late at the fire like a cute aurora borealis from the Polar region). But most astonishing of all – my 15-year old son came with me and Red Rose on Saturday and he was so happy to be at this space again like 2 times before during Summer Solstice 2013).

I was also glad to see the sanctuary again after nearly 5 months – and there were some changes! Some trees were already felled, but the place was clean, cosy and beautiful because 2 weeks before Bambi, Bastian and the 2 princes were already there for a fabulous photo and video shot. The natural faerie altar was rebuilt very nicely again in a new creation after he was partly destroyed by the wind there and had its attraction.

The weather was sunny and radiant and so we could see the sanctuary in its majestic winter beauty. Everything was retired and kept safe against the cold period. In the week before I had a lot of stress about the running costs of the sanctuary because the electricity costs were not paid and the electricity Company turned off the power supply. In order to make this gatherette possible as we imagined we had to pay the big amount of € 550 within the last 3 days. So all the present faeries decided so that electricity, water and insurance can persist here we have to ask faeries who like to come here to contribute at least € 10 per weekend to the running costs of the sanctuary from now on and this amount will go to the account of the Austrian Faeries to rather compensate for the fixed costs here. But there is still a NOTALOF policy in faerie space so nobody will be turned away for the lack of funds.

So after this I really was looking forward to a relaxed time here with Mother Goose, Red Rose, my son and some new faeries. The first afternoon I made a lovely walk in bright sun with my son exploring the fantastic nature and animals around the sanctuary. I was wearing my protecting animal outside as well as inside me (a fox jacket) and I felt so secure in it. We had the chance to sneak up to 3 meters to a rabbit which was not afraid of us.

We had a wonderful evening at the campfire and a good meal was cooked by Red Rose and Dorothea. After 10 pm we again gathered around the fire in the winter night. It was fabulous that we sang nearly all songs from the Musical “My Fair Lady” which we all “in delightful ways” knew very well and we had great fun. We also had a little discussion about falling into ecstasy to burn everything – also a tree trunk of the earlier maybe animals housed. I saw a great empty tree root where I thought I could be creative. But at the end it became fire and it was burning like a little volcano Ghost which was mysterious too.

In the morning I could see a fantastic dawn and then I was reading The Hobbit – the perfect book for this place as the whole sanctuary looks like a Hobbit House with all its circular windows and doors. We had a nice breakfast beside 4 other faeries that were still sleeping in the same room as they went to bed very late. I also had a wonderful walk with Mother Goose around the sanctuary exploring all the 10-15 trees which were marked the day before by Dorothea for next weekend to be cut down in winter to make new space for new life in the sanctuary. The symbol of this gatherette were 2 little animals which we saw in the house: the horn – which means neglecting and the ladybird – the symbol of luck and we hoped that we have the luck not to neglect each other and the faerie home this year. We were talking about having a heart-circle in the afternoon, but at the end we decide not to interrupt the energy here till we left for the train. But instead we had a really nice bubble-workshop where we all were blowing big beautiful bubbles into the cold air in “glittering” colors. And during blowing we discovered what it started snowing outside – now the name of this gatherette really became true at the end: it was glittering everywhere – inside and outside. And I hope we all were also …purified. But definitely we all were hypnotized –my especially by the sunset – and Mother Goose by the fire – and we all by the glitter of the first snowflakes!





Gift from Folleterre



Kissing !


The KISSING AWAKE the Sanctuary Report (by Mata Hari)

The Kissing AWAKE of our new Faerie Home in Austria started already one day before the event when Red Rose and I picked up Mother Goose and Bindu happily from the stations in Vienna and when I suddenly ran into Lone Wolf not far from my home at night, although I did not know that Lone Wolf was already in town. This is MAGIC! The faeries MEET wherever they are – at the right moment, the right place, the right persons!

On 15th August about six faeries landed safely at the new sanctuary by train from Vienna – being picked up by a new faerie Udo, who came with Fauny arriving the day before from Amsterdam. In the afternoon I had a long, serious and intensive talk with Fauny about his views and the views of “Folleterre” about the new sanctuary / faerie homes in Austria and about Folleterre in general. Are we all still very close to the roots of the faerie-movement in Europe? Should we open up to new ideas? Is the whole thing getting too commercial? Many questions in our heads! Fauny was the faerie who also led the inauguration in Folleterre 8 years ago, so he knew definitely how it goes! We talked about the program of the ceremony and we had a delicious meal cooked by a lot of faeries. But before the ritual started around the fire, there came a big surprise. The two new faeries from Austria Tom and Michael arrived and some faeries in beautiful masks. It turned out that one of them was Bambi from Berlin and two American Faeries from California who already knew Harry Hay personally and one of them told us that Hay was the reason to encourage him to his Coming Out as a Gay person. And as mysteriously as they appeared, so quickly they disappeared at the end of the day – but before we started the unique Kissing AWAKE Ritual with a little heart circle around the fire. I had the idea to name it “Kissing Awake”, when I woke up one morning and was considering what can we do with a sleeping beauty? Maybe Inauguration sounds too sacred, but kissing sounds human and sexy at the same time. Kissing is good for human souls, for trees and animals. And kissing was always a taboo for me when I was young. So I also wanted to break a taboo in me and among the faeries. It is not necessary everything always only ever be named “holy” in a sanctuary. It should also be a blessed, beloved and loving place. And you can show best love externally if you kiss somebody! Don’t you? I really would strongly hope that everybody involved deeply incorporates this spirit! It is a real chance to get a new life!

When it was dark the procession started and we walked one after another to the 4 corners of the sanctuary with burning candles in our hands. A candlelight procession to get to know all the secrets of the land. But before we asked for protection for the land and that it would allow us to be safe and gentle and spiritual to it and we promised to be good to the land and take care for it! Then in every corner we asked for the spirits of the 4 hemispheres. In the second corner we asked for the spirits of the animals for blessing which was my task to do so, because I specially love the animals in this sanctuary! In the third corner we were finding our way at the land through the darkness by waiting at our own imaginary altar and then going back creating a spiral with our candles as a symbol for creation – the founding of a new sanctuary.

At the forth corner finally we did the real kissing awake ritual where we gathered around a beautifully red and orange decorated bench in the wood and we all started to kiss another faeries one after another at the bench. The kissing ceremony was just amazing and very touching for us all. We all were very grateful to have this wonderful moment in our lives. Yes and from now on also the Sanctuary was kisses and sacred ….

And then the performances started on our stone stage. Red Rose and I performed the modern but wild interpretation of Stravinsky’s “Le Sacre de Printemps” which I thought was perfectly representing the idea of this special event. This 20 minutes fight between the tribes of the world which was led with soil, plants and honey, the sacrifice of the virgin ended up with the crowning of the fire in nakedness. Till midnight our two Faeries from California gave us a wonderful time playing beautiful songs at the guitar and we all hoped that this romantic and warm summer night would never end.

In the morning we had a great Shaking workshop with Black Panther. We started building a shrine for the sanctuary and we had our first real “kissed awake” heart circle in beautiful sun under shady woods. On the occasion of the Kissing ceremony the circle started by presenting a nice little gift from Folleterre to the Austrian Faeries. The gift touched us a lot and with tears in our eyes we all spoke from the heart.

I must admit that I did not want to leave this Sanctuary at this moment. Everything was so calm and gentle. I could not imagine that tomorrow there should start the first full 10 days Gathering in Austria in the Alps near Salzburg – which mainly was organized by me. But I had to face the reality – the faerie reality! And we started the faerie track west to the gathering – not knowing what was expecting me – but with my only real intention – to have an open heart for all and to feel and bring and spread GOOD ENERGY! – To LET IT FLOW in Austria!

…And as all the reactions worldwide show us – yes! – Everybody appreciated that!





Exotic flowers, plants and trees do grow

Erotic sacred magic mushrooms do harvest and glow

Rivers, lakes and waterfalls do flow

In Shokti’s Garden

Ninja the cat explores with his claws looking for his mate

He thaws his paws in the cold imbolic snow

it’s never too late

In Shokti’s Garden

On the night of Beltane, with all the joy of May

You will see many gnomes, faeries and elvs at play

In Shokti’s Garden

At balmy lamas time, the spirits forces of magic

and goddesses do harvest and caress

They always leave such a white sticky mess!

In Shokti’s Garden

With Salmain, autumn leaves do fall

Providing a spectacle of colour, light and beauty for us all

Das Shokti’s Garden

Stockwell, Folleterre, Bischofshofen

Where is this Garden?

Something real, or dreamed in Kindergarden?

For this Shokti’s Garden exists in our hearts, hopes and dreams

A place to loose oneself in the forests

And the eternity of its streams

A place of love, peace and light

Where spirits and faeries shine so bright

The secret garden, this eternal flame and ever lasting dream

This is the true beauty of Shokti’s Garden



KISSING AWAKE  THE  SANCTUARY   August 15 – 16, 2013


on August 15th happened:


 in the new Faerie Home – Sanctuary “WhereElsLand” (provisory name)

the little sister of Folleterre!

1 hour near Vienna in Weinviertel near the border to Czechia

“opening the land to all the Faeries in the Universe, talking about visions for the future of the sanctuary, finding new spirits at this unique space at the border”

´Finding a name process’


Special KISSING AWAKE the spirit – Inauguration Rituals by our visionary  Fauny, from Amsterdam

Kissing AWAKE Mandala by Bindu, our lovely faeriefriend from Israel directly arriving from India

Mother Goose answering any questions faeries may have, arriving from London via Vienna


the Rebirth performance of the scandalous premiere 100 years ago of Igor Stravinsky’s

Le sacre de printemps” in the original choreography of Vaslav Nijinsky performed

by Mata Hari and Red Rose


The secret paradise at the end of Austria belongs an Austrian Faerie and in the coming years it will be a real Faerie sanctuary … the ideal gateway  at the Czech border to the Faeries of the eastern part of Europe.

The Austrian Sanctuary is the little sister of the big European Faerie Sanctuary’s in Folleterre in France and is already the natural meeting place for faeries in Austria.

Starting with the Kissing AWAKE 2013 it will become the meeting place of the Faeries in Central and Eastern Europe and the Faeries all over the world!


There is still a lot to do for us in the next 2 years!



Where to find the new Sanctuary in Weinviertel in Austria? 

See the wood in the middle on google map foto below – 1 hour from Vienna near the border to Czechia:   For more Info please contact us:




SUMMER SOLSTICE WEEKEND   June 21 – 23,  2013



Our first Faerie Altar was created during Viennapride and built up at summer solstice celebration 2013




– why this Sanctuary in Austria is so important for me! –

A very personal report from a quiet gatherette – by Mata Hari


Since this weekend I know the true meaning which this “Wunderort” only 1 hour away from Vienna has for me and why this soon real Faerieland has taken me more and more. Because I was with a shock of the brutal and stupid excesses of civilization – namely the crime brought back to reality. Our city apartment in Vienna was a week earlier, on 12 April 2013 robbed and the stolen cell phone service was located by police two days later in Bulgaria. My Faerie altar was desecrated. My original Indian Hanuman statues from Varanasi and the Taj Mahal miniature were stolen – not as valuable in material, but on symbolic value. Parts of my appearance robe as Mata Hari have disappeared, such as the 15 meter long red and gold fabric, in which at the beginning of my performance during Folleterre Summergathering 2012 I and at the end all other faeries were wrapped. How crazy and poor are parts of civilization that they must steal from the Faerie space? How disgusting people can be who have never heard of the true idea of ​​the Radical Faeries?
But no matter – one they will never be able to desecrate – our Sanctuary! And for this wondrous place my soul now demanded urgently. I knew that there I could find my inner peace again. Because this wonderland was made by ANIMALS and MOTHER NATURE to what it is, a sacred place – and this space cannot be deconsecrated by man. A Sanctuary is not only a place of celebration and togetherness, it is not only beautiful, created by nature or enchanted by the faeries, but it may be primarily a haven for souls “brought out of balance” and a refugium which brings us back the belief in humanity. The humans – in this case the faeries – who discovered this space for themselves – have only borrowed this space from nature – as our inner source of strength, the last place of refuge – and which may be only a place in nature, which our heart has chosen as a home. In the Sanctuary we find the divine silence again, what we need to resist this constant manipulation of a merciless material-minded civilization and media – a brainwashing that wants us to constantly persuade that nature in its many manifestations and their spirit behind it is worth nothing, and if it is worth something, then just to earn money with it.
The last weekend I called for a Quiet Gatherette. I longed for this total serenity-which does not exist in civilization. I needed this retreat to refuel the strength to go on my way positive, which is the way of Faerie movement in Central Europe – with every part of my body and soul! Each of these wondrous free animals I have encountered at this resort, and every evening again there looking for their tree as their home and going to bed, sent me the message to stand up for this Faerie Wonderland to fight for its preservation, for some of my time to invest, to work for it. My children and the many faeries sent me through the ether world this message into my heart.
How incredible it is yet to come out of the house before the onset of total darkness and listen to the pheasants on the trees all around, as they lie down to sleeping, or even as they flee before thee there upon the nearest tree. Or as the nocturnal bats flutter from their hiding tree and the owls send their miraculous calls in the silence – where deer and rabbits jump into the Sanctuary to hide or flee scared when you go through the forest, where you hear the bees buzzing everywhere in the Sanctuary, where opalescent butterflies fly around when you enjoy breakfast outside, where the sparrows play a concert at almost any time of day, where you come across again and again to nuts bearing of mice. To find the ladybugs on almost every flower and relaxed snails crawling in the morning dew. Yes, everything I’ve seen here.

Of two animals that I have directly perceived this weekend, I would like to highlight the symbolic importance as a mirror of the soul. The pheasant was always the symbol of religion – well, although the Radical Faeries are the exact opposite of a dogma, but the spiritual power that lies in the encounter with pheasants tells us what is really important in life and how we should align ourselves. And bats symbolize the rebirth (which we should actually celebrate as people daily, especially as Faerie). More truthful a symbiosis with the elements of nature I cannot imagine after my traumatic experience a week earlier. I also would like to mention a little very amusing experience I had before the fence door of the Sanctuaries after getting up on Sunday morning: two gorgeous male pheasant ran hastily thereof in my appearance over the fields, when I caught her red-handed making love. – The fauna is sooo faerie here! Oh I’ m loving it! – But here the animals nothing bad happens, here the faeries are actually the invaders, but they are also its allies, because they want to preserve this paradise and make it even more fantastic – and the animals accept it gratefully. I think in no other Faerie Sanctuary worldwide you can experience so many wild animals immediately around you in such a connectedness. What is going on here just in a single tree you can hardly see in a zoo in this diversity. Here, however, all the animals and fairies are united in freedom and gentleness and they have chosen it as their sanctuary, the place to which they return again and again. Nature also finally begins to bloom. Violets and bright yellow-orange marigolds sprout from the ground. Buds are already everywhere to be seen.
Spring is awakening, probably the most beautiful season, when everything comes to life and this wonderland like no other shows you the true values ​​of life. These are mainly the work in this enchanted place, creating space for the future life and pleasures here, the Dispose of “old burdens”, repairing (including mental) damage caused in the course of time and planning for the activities in the immediate future.
I felt this Quiet Gatherette where Red Rose, El and I were three on Saturday and four on Sunday with Roswitha, to be tremendous relaxing and mentally blissful, although we have worked almost all the time in the rooms. But the sun was always smiling at us. I had fun and it was really relaxing to free many of the rooms of the cobwebs and Red Rose cleaned all sanitary facilities. We found many hidden ideal treasures that have accumulated here over 35 years and which are sent for recycling. Here is a creative paradise and we are all of good cheer, to create a true Faerie Space for the future here.

For this purpose Community Weeks will be held here in the next few years, where everything necessary for the conservation and making alive of this “silent paradise at the end of the world” is done and thus can stay enough Faeries here.

So nothing stands in your way of the inauguration of “Els Wonderland” in August and thus the re-inauguration of my desecrated Vienna Faerie Apartment, we are really looking forward to it.


Mata Hari




Lovely Faeries!


from the landlord on the land and the faeries on the land:

dear all,
dear faeries, beloved ones!
the land is there. it was there, everchanging like the land is.
it was in my life and i came to love it, more and more.
i am part of it and it is part of me,
like we are all part of the earth and will go back to it.
it came into my hands, and much has happened and changed since then.
inside and out.
one big thing was the clearing of the vision to share the land.
on many levels, in many ways, for many purposes.
when i met the fearies at the pride village last year i felt
i might have met the community i belong to, i visualized,
i want to share the land with.
you like to gather outdoors, i asked mata hari,
do you have a place around here to do so? i
have some land i want to share,
das belebt sein soll und genutzt, inhabited ever again…
i inveted them, they came, to the land, to a party/weekend.
they came and saw, and felt, what was there and what wasnt yet,
and i guess mata hari fell in love a bit and announced the land
to what it is, what it will be, what it has been in its very own way,
to a faerie sanctiary.
what happened since than, it’s faeriemagic.
so much changing, creating and recreating,
working and planing together.
more and more people, coming, being, doing there,
seeing, feeling, encountering from the heart.
there is a crowd of people, of faeries, who feel connected,
who feel there is a we, and that the land is ours.
who want to develop the land together for all of us.
who feel the spirit and the land.
some know the place for many years,
and felt it to be a faerieland before even knowing about the radical faeries.
it is good and important,
as it is to keep on working on all pragmatic and formal stuff,
for all the trust and confidence and communication
that shall grow there with us,
to announce
the first step to open the land, to officially invite all the faeries and friends
who ever want to come and share with us to our land,
for a ritual connection of the land and the faeriespirit,
and all spirit, that will be there for us and with us,
to help and support each other, and see and listen and understand and respect
and find solutions that fit for us.
the inauguration of our faerie sanctuary
for all those, who want to feel it, do it, live it and have it that way.
i am very happy to know and  tofeel you to be there,
and the love and strengh
in our connection, support and progess!
in faerielove, faeriespirit, faeriemagic,
hugs and kisses,
there are always places, ideas, projects,
that fit and feed better for some people/faeries.
that is true also for faeriespace and for sanctiaries.
not every sanctuary and local faerie community worldwide
has the same value, use, healing energy for every faerie.
everyone is free to find and build up what they want
and what helps and fits. one is very lucky
to have one around that they can share, participate, profit from.
the ways are open, and we are as free as we want to be.
i wish good luck and love and peace for all of you
on all your ways, wherever they will lead you,
and hope we meet again, in love and peace,
thank you all for your loving support
for our sanctuary!!!

Pikachu made a report to the folleterre faeries on the new sanctuary in austria, i send it to you here.

so we are starting of to the FUTURE.

New Sanctuary awaits! (Austria)
Hi dear lovely faeries!,

I’m your scout, trying out the ‘promised’ land, the land El promised us. 🙂

The house is bigger than I thought, it’s a bit bigger than Folleterre’s stone house. (Kitchen, Friendship room, Hospitality suite and Library) There is an addition built to the house, but it’s floor is not ready yet, so I’m not counting that.
Two kitchens, one with daylight and one without. The house is partly built in a hill. There is a circular room in this hill, it has a glass roof so lots of light! A heart circle could be held there for maximum 15 faeries.
One more room with glass roof, a square one this time.
Big hall and big main room.
Big attic, can sleep 15 faeries. Sadly not now, cause it’s totally packed with valuable goods from El’s mother. El wants to sell the goods but doesn’t have the selling skill. Neither do I.
I made a film, please only watch, don’t change anything. 🙂

The garden is big, nice with surprising corners. A podium! 🙂
Several tents could be put there. Pictures on the website,
I made another film, please only watch, don’t change anything. 🙂

Then follows a sunny (picnic?) field, thereafter the forest; with a bed and confession chair, nice places to sit, but still plenty of room for your creation!

The films are both with snow, sorry for that! I long too for Spring. 🙂 The snow makes a special effect.

Please come to the Inauguration of the New Land on 14-16 August, and give it a name!
17 August there will be travel arranged to the Austrian Gathering.

Have fun,


Hugs, Pikachu.