A Heart Circle, 25.01.2020

RainbowLaserFlowerCat is opening up his home to host a Heart Circle!

doors open at starting time (15:00)
heart circle begins one hour afterwards (16:00) and last a few hours.
Please be in time and bring plenty of time, as the heart circle is open ended in a way that the group decides when it’s over. You can also leave during the heart circle when you feel like it.
Come and bring all that you are!

Love, Rainbow Laser Flower Cat (Matthias)

The location is Vogelweidplatz, 1150 Vienna. Read more about the event on Facebook:

What is a heart circle?

Heart circle is one of the central traditions of radical faerie community. Faeries come together in a circle to speak from the heart, and to listen to one another through our hearts


A heart circle is when faeries gather to share and listen from & with their heart. It is an invitation for faeries to sit back, take a few breaths to find the moment and check in with themselves how they are truly feeling and to share this with everyone else.

There is no conversation happening in a heart circle. Faeries agree to not comment on each others sharing, or to add to it or to give advice. Instead they agree to listen with the heart and to become aware of their emotional reaction to whatever is being shared.

This way, heart circles serve the important function of connecting faeries. For many faeries this can have a healing effect, others love to join a heart circle in order to feel connected to other faeries. Sometimes, faeries enter a heart circle not knowing another and feeling like family when the circle closes.