Radical Faeries Austria and Central Europe

We are part of the Radical Faerie tribe, a queer community of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes, races, and nationalities. We have no religion or dogma. But we are full of spirit. We are a conscious evolution of gay, lesbian, transgender or no gender life. We refuse hierarchy and embrace consensus. We connect to life and each other through the blessings of nature. We are queer people exploring tribal life, sustainability, and harmony with nature.

Die Radical Faeries Austria bieten ein ZUHAUSE für Radical Faeries  in Österreich und Zentral- und Osteuropa, oder wen auch immer, der in diesem Teil Europas in einem Netzwerk vielfältiger Menschen dabei sein möchte, die Mitgefühl, Liebe und Unterstützung füreinander empfinden und sich nicht vom Mainstream bestimmen lassen wollen.

“In den “Radical Faeries” hab ich das Gefühl, wird sich was ereignen, was mich erfüllt ”  Hermes Phettberg

“Be radical in your dreams!” My greatest wish, Udo Jürgens

For our monthly NEWSLETTER you can subscribe via email: faerietreffen@hotmail.com

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The Radical Faeries At 40! – EXHIBITON of the first 40 years – November 29, 2019 – January 5, 2020 in Vienna



The Radical Faeries at 40!

40 great years of Radical Faerie Gatherings

R.O.P.P. – Republic of Patta Patta

Margaretenstraße 60, 1050 Wien


This Summer we celebrate our 40 years of Radical Faeridom. We remember that in 1979, the first call for a Spiritual Conference for the Radical Faeries was sent out, and the Faeries who answered the call, discovering who they were, planted the seed for radical traditions, re-opened new and oldpaths, and sang and sat and rejoyced!

This summer we also celebrate 50 years of rebellion after the emblematic Stonewall Riots of St-Christopher Street in 1969, fighting police harassment and opposing all forms of violence against the Queer folk. We remember that the Trans Women, the Drag Queens, the Hustlers and the kids of the streets were the first to start it, and that our Freedom and Faerydom owe them so much!

This FOTO Exhibition draws a wide spectrum over 40 years of Radical Faerie Gatherings. “Radical” in English means to be open for CHANGE. Let’s do it together!

(the Foto – taken by Mark Thompson + shows the Mud Ritual during the first Radical Faerie Gathering in 1979 – is also presented during the Exhibition)

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4th “Sound of Faeries Gathering” Hochkönig, August 15-25, 2020

Hey HAY!

The 4th “SOUND OF FAERIES” Gathering – The Alpine Gathering of Austria” is back:

15 – 25 August 2020

Theme: “The Heritage of Harry Hay”

4th Sound of Faeries Gathering 2020



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3rd GLOBAL Gathering 15-24 February 2020

The CALL for the 3rd Global Gathering 2020

in South Africa near Capetown was sent out now!

Registration started June 21st, via FAENET

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Book: ZUHÖREN – LISTEN without Prejudice, Listen to the Earth. A Radical Faerie Heart Circle.

The  N E W  BOOK  about the Radical Faeries is here! 

“ZUHÖREN. LISTEN without prejudice. LISTEN to the Earth! A Radical Faerie Heart Circle.”

A celebration to 40 years of Radical Faerie Gatherings!

It will be presented at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019!

If you want it write an email with a reason why you need it to faerietreffen@hotmail.com


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Golden Sands Black Sea Gathering 2019

Golden Sands Black Sea Gathering 2019


                                              Still 3-4 beds left! Be quick with Registration!



Yooohooo! Sweet Faeries!

We are thrilled to announce



near Varna BULGARIA + Nirvana Nude + GAY Beach

August 17-25, 2019

and visit with us the oldest Gold of the world



Please be aware that because of the limited bed situation only if you have registered AND already PAID € 180,– for the bed or if you have booked your flights already you have the bed fix!

So please don’t forget to register and book your flight soon and pay immediately if you register!



Only E-MAIL!

Just send an email to varna2019@hotmail.com

(or faerietreffen@hotmail.com) with the following Information:

Faerie Name, civil name, address (and country), mobile phone number, arrival+ departure time, Payment information and any other information (like skills or workshops you want to offer). Please include any information you feel we should have (phobias, allergies etc).


Golden Sands – Black Sea Gathering Varna Bulgaria 2019

If you have any questions send your email (with your Name) to:


To start the healing process in Bulgaria …


And we will continue our Eurofaerie VISION Process!

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New Gathering Announcements for 2019

We also have some new Gathering announcements for 2019 organized by the RadFaes of Austria:
Europride Vienna City Gatherette: 13 – 16 June 2019
You are welcome to join us at the Europride and the Pride Parade on 15th June!


Golden Sands – Black Sea Gathering: 17 – 24 August 2019
near Varna Bulgaria + Nirvana Beach (the first gathering organised by us at the Sea!)
We have already booked a flat for 7 – 10 people about 10 minutes near Nirvana Beach
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Wien*Vienna*Becs FAERIE CAFE

Inspired by the traditions of Radical Faerie Coffee meetings in different places in the world we are starting the
Faerie Cafe in Vienna!

You are welcome!


A bunch of Faeries have spent a lovely time together at the Autumn Equinox Gathering, other Faeries wanted to join but couldn’t make it. Maybe you are just hearing about the Faeries and are curious to find out more about who these people are and what they do. This meeting is chance to make connections, get to know people, keep the Faerie Spirit flourishing in our lives in the city, plan activities, enjoy being together with other lovely weird creatures..

For the start we want to meet every month, but it could also happen more frequently.
Will it stay on a Tuesday evening or do we want to meet on Satyrdays at an earlier time? Let’s talk about that and decide together.


2 Oct 2018

Cafe Lazy Life, Burggasse 44, 1070 Vienna, 18:30 – 22:00


You want to know more about the Radical Faeries? Here are some more links







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Equinox Sissi Gatherette! 21- 23 September 2018


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“Sanctuary-Task-Force”: Eastern (and Central European) Sanctuary : … WIR SUCHEN EINEN ALTEN BAUERNHOF AM LAND ! …

Dear Faeries and Friends!


WANTED!   –  WIR SUCHEN EINEN ALTEN BAUERNHOF (MIT NATURGARTEN) AM LAND IN UND UM ÖSTERREICH!  Wer eine abgelegene Liegenschaft, einen NATURGARTEN mit Bauernhof, am besten an der Grenze zu den östlichen Nachbarstaaten kennt, die GÜNSTIG zu erwerben oder zu pachten ist, bitte weiterleiten an unsere E-Mail Adresse: faerietreffen@hotmail.com


 The Seeking for Land for an EASTERN (and CENTRAL European) SANCTUARY is already going on since 1 year after the Faeries in Austria and Eastern and Central Europe have lost their faerieland after the death of El/Leo. We created already an association in Austria like Folleterre with the same Statutes as Les Amis de Folleterre. This association already exists after Austrian Law since june 2017. We already announced this at the last Global Gathering in Fatherstone 2017. So If you are really interested in concrete actions for a new sanctuary or if you want to support us please come to the “SOUND of FAERIES Gathering” 7-14 July 2018, where all the protagonists and activists of this new EASTERN (and CENTRAL European) sanctuary project will be present. It will be one of the main topics of this gathering in Austria.

We will also gladly forward you an email from Bobbie Joe – to an ongoing more than one year further Sanctuary project, which we now want to make fully public and we hope to get your passionate support. xxx

„Dear Faeries,
Our community is growing and growing and Folleterre as the only faerie-base in whole Europe isn’t enough anymore!
Because of this urgend need of a second (or third) sanctuary Mata-Hari, Red-Rose, Rurtaler and my-self (Bobby-Joe)

founded an association in Vienna last year (January 2017)

The final goal of this association is the acquisition and managing of a suitable *) property for using it as a sanctuary like Folleterre

1. This second Base should be an
ADDITION and NO COMPETITOR for Folleterre !!
3. other kinds of supporting are welcome too (donations, several kinds of services , stuff, etc

*) because of finding a suitable house, we just made much thoughts the last years on gatherings, sever-al workshops and private meetings :
we decided the austrian federal-states Niederösterreich, Burgenland, Vienna or the border-areas around it (to Czech-Republic, Hungary or Germany )
as possible land for a sanctuary, because:
1. of the favorable climate, in the heart of Europe
2. the excellent connection via air-craft, car and public transport
3. payable property prices. We want to BUY it, and NOT to rent!

When faeries absolutely want to found a sanctuary on La-Palma, Rügen, etc, they must do it on their own initiative then, because that would blast our actual capacities .
All other necessary points for the suitability (especially the features of the building) had been docu-mented in german, but translating in English is coming soon and other languages might be no problem!
Interested faeries will get it as word-document or via e-mail.

If you’re interested, please register in our mail – distributor: rurtaler@gmx.de

and you’ll get all further informations, respectively you can share your own ideas with us (improvements, criticism, real-estate-offers, meeting, hosting etc )
Furthermore, we are personally available for questions of all kinds at gatherings – such as the 3rd Alpine “Sound of Faeries” Gathering – and discuss the project further.

anyone is ALREADY there, who knows an old, left ranch in the mentioned area
or owner of a similar object who wants to sell it ? J))

So, feel free and you can start participating on our project – JUST NOW !

Heinsberg, Germany 26.03.2018


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3rd “SOUND OF FAERIES” Gathering – the Legend is back!


the 3rd


Hochkönig AUSTRIA 




About our history:
 The Sound of Faeries Gathering
is the direct successor of the
Eurofaerie Gatherings in Terschelling!

The Legend is back!





Mother NATURE !  we explored and enjoyed the healing spirit of Mother Earth and Pachapapa at the highest Faerie gathering in the exceptional Alps mountain range,experienced the unforgettable alpenglow in front your eyes and had a tour to the nearby Eisriesenwelt – the largest ICE CAVE on our planet Earth! And some hiking tours around this place of outstanding natural beauty.

MUSIC! We made faerie music every night around the sacred fire

MEMORIES! -We remembered our Ancestors and the beginning of the Radical Faerie Movement in Austria by presenting Symbiofaerietaxiplasm, a Filmdokuvaganza filmed partly at the 1st Gathering 2013, showing also our historic 1st little sanctuary in Austria.

LEGENDS!We need legends, shared histories of our people’s struggles that would help unite and inspire a people so separated by distances and division. Legends may be transformed over time, in order to keep them fresh and vital. We tell legends about our ancestors, the Nature, sanctuaries, gatherings and about the Sound of Faeries. What does that mean for our Faerie history? We also gathered because we all have a true story to tell and we want to hear the stories of our Faerie brothers and sisters. If we communicate subject to subject, we keep our spirit alive and the spirit of our legendary ancestors. There are so many Faerie Tales and Faerie Tails to celebrate! Let’s bring the legends alive! Let’s meet our legends! We all can be legends if we respect each other.

The Legend is Back! The Spirit of Man Love … begins with the Sound. Two flutes play …. the “Sound of Faeries”. Rather than live as outcasts or useless pariahs, we Faeries have necessary tales to tell and vital roles to perform which advanced the human story. If you never found anyone who could tell me the stories of myself and of my people we Faeries would never exist. Our main theme of the 3rd “Sound of Faeries” Gathering 2018 was inspired by the Andrew Ramers “Two Flutes Playing” and we brought our legend back! We kept our tales alive.


VISIONS and principles! – We created visions for the faerie tribes in Europe and a second sanctuary in Europe or in Austria and discussed our faerie principles and the importance of being radical in changing times (which will be summarised in a new book).

SPIRIT! – Let’s free our mind and celebrate our Radical Faerie Spirit, our visions and everything you think that should outlive you and include a legend about you. The last questions: Have I lived enough? Have I loved enough? Have I done enough for the world? For the other Faeries? The less there is Spirit (Nature, Love, etc.) in this world the more we need it, the more we need YOU! We hope in this gathering we could find some answers.


Here are some VOICES after this gathering:



Sei Herzlich umarmt

Danke nochmals für alles

Sooooooo schön war es

Danke vom ganzen Herzen

Fürs organisieren von diesem wunderbaren Treffen

Für die Performance und deine Presence 🤗👑💋

Embracing you lovely Feary


Heidi Heidi Hi di Hi.

 Thank you for the flowers and the stupid.

 For the drum and the flame.

 For the laugh and the smile.

 For the hand and the heart


vielen Dank für die wunderbaren Tage des Gatherings, die ich miterleben
durfte, und die ganze Mühe und Liebe, die Du und Red Rose und die
anderen helfenden Faeries für die Organisation und Durchführung
Hugs and kisses und wünsche Euch weiterhin eine gute Zeit
tiger, gut wieder zuhause angekommen


Thank you for all your hard work on making the gathering. It’s much appreciated 🙏🏻 ATTICUS


Dear friends, queer friends, let me tell you how I feel

You have given me such treasures! I miss you so!

Thank you! Mata Hari, Red Rose and Salvia for getting this off the ground! It was a wonderfully powerful experience! Hope you are all getting some rest now! Sssssssssss



Thank you beautiful organisers for everything you did to make this amazing thing happen!! GENIE

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